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How the new legal casinos in India work

Casino legality is a major issue for professional gamblers. Players try to check the online club thoroughly before registering and making their first deposit. How do the new legal casinos in India work?

Ankit Kanaujia
Last updated: 27.07.2023
How the new legal casinos in India work

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Casino legality is a major issue for professional gamblers. Players try to check the online club thoroughly before registering and making their first deposit. The betstarexch is legal in India and this is confirmed by numerous reviews.

Why top casinos can be trusted

The rated casino does not hide information about the license and the place of its registration. The operator is open to the player completely. The user can communicate with a real support representative, rather than being limited to communicating with a bot.


The operator acts according to the regulator's restrictions. It means that the administration can not delay the payment of winnings for more than 72 hours and does not have the right to set too high a wager for bonuses. The visitor is in a privileged position but also has to comply with certain requirements.

The casino operator can block a visitor who comes to the casino, credits money, does nothing with it, and withdraws it back. This is how bonus hunters and swindlers who launder illegal capital work. Also, every underage player falls under the blocking. That is why any legal casino in India has mandatory verification.

It is safe to hand over personal information to Indian casinos. The license obliges the administration to encrypt customer data and not to pass it to third parties. Violators are quickly blocked, and therefore every client is in equal and fair conditions.

How casinos fight with bonus hunters

Operators of gambling establishments are sometimes forced to block users due to their excessive activity. We are talking about bonus hunters mainly. These customers do not bring any benefit to the administration and often violate the terms of the user agreement.

Bonus hunters are players who specifically register at online casinos to get prizes and withdraw them without the risk of losing their money. They are not interested in the game and seek only to take profits at the expense of promotions.

Scammers use various methods and tricks to cheat the casino and violate bonus terms and conditions. For example, they may create multiple accounts, use proxy servers or VPNs, make minimum or low-risk bets, and open the same games in different windows.

Bonus hunters are detrimental to the casino, as they take away bonuses that are intended for loyal and honest players, as well as reduce the profitability of the project. Therefore, operators are constantly fighting against violators, using various measures and tools. Here are some of them:

  • document verification;

  • IP address verification;

  • setting the rules and conditions of bonuses;

  • restricting access to bonuses;

  • use of special software. 

Gambling platforms may use special software that analyzes player behavior and activity to identify bonus hunters. For example, the software may track betting frequency and size, game selection, playing time, deposit and payout history. If the software detects suspicious behavior, it can send a signal to the casino or automatically block the account and bonus.

Online casinos in India require players to provide copies of their documents to prove their identity, age, and residential address. It helps prevent players from creating multiple accounts or using other people's data.

Operators set rules and conditions for receiving and wagering bonuses that all players must abide by. For example, a casino may set a minimum deposit to receive a bonus, a maximum wagering bonus, a wager, time, or game limits for wagering. If a player violates these terms and conditions, the administration may refuse to pay out winnings or confiscate prize credits.

Organizers check gamblers' IP addresses to determine their location and make sure they are not using proxy servers or VPNs. When a casino detects a suspicious IP address or matches IP addresses with other accounts, it may block the account or cancel the bonus option.

Licensed casinos in India fight against bonus hunters to protect their interests and the interests of their honest and loyal customers. Bonus hunters are guaranteed to lose winnings and accounts. Security services of modern gambling clubs in India work round the clock and protect the rights of every honest player.

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