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Pravin Jadhav challenges his destiny to Qualify for Tokyo Olympics 2020

Pravin Jadhav; an Indian Archery talent qualified for the Tokyo Olympics 2020 as a member of Indian Archery Team. Behind this marvellous glory hides his deep struggles and immense talent to rise above all.

Abhinav Katiyar
Last updated: 06.11.2019
Pravin Jadhav challenges his destiny to Qualify for Tokyo Olympics 2020 | Sports Social Blog

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Pravin Ramesh Jadhav is a new Indian archery sensation. In the recent World Archery Championship, in the Netherlands, Pravin Jadhav participated in his sixth International event. He played a big part in this championship and helped Indian men’s recurve team ending up as the runner-up in the contest and bringing a silver medal back home.

Initial Struggles

Pravin was born and living in often drought-affected Sarade village in Satara district of Maharashtra. His parents were daily-wage earners. This affected his studies and thus went to school till only seventh grade. In the end, his future was preordained as that of a labourer. But, even all this could never bend his unbreakable will, and he sought to change his life through Archery.


Initial Career

Jadhav was a sports enthusiast from his school days. His talent was soon recognized by Bhujbal, who decided to train Jadhav in athletics. Jadhav participated at the district level but failed to make an impact. He was too young and, most importantly, had fragile build. He dropped athletics and decided to pick up Archery. 

Archery is a demanding sport, and it takes a lot of patience to train in it. Jadhav started his initial training with a bamboo bow. It took him two years before he was given the opportunities to shoot from a professional bow after being taken in by Shahu College in the province of Pune. 

Archery was more than a hobby for him. It was the way to provide for his family, who were living back at home. Even after being admitted into the college, he was not yet over his already exiting problem- his weak built. He could not shoot appropriately due to the weight of the recurve bow. The weight of the recurve bow caused ache in his shoulder. As a result, he was nearly kicked out of the academy. He was given a last chance to prove his worth under the scrutiny of many people, where he achieved a score of 45+. This showed not only his talent but also his strong will to perform under intense pressure.

Road to Glory

This trail became a turning point in his life. In 2016, at the age of 19, he represented India for the first time at the Asia Cup Stage 1 and won a bronze medal.

Pravin went to the Medellin World Cup in 2016, it was Colonel Vikram Dhayal, who spotted him during his training and asked him to join the army. After entering the military, Pravin Jadhav’s financial conditions finally improved.

In the Archery World Championship 2019, he was the least experienced archer of the Indian team, which also consisted of two Olympians. India defeated the host, Netherland, by 5-4 through a shoot-off as the scores were tied 2-2 in four sets. Jadhav’s inexperience did not let his team down as his performance became vital for team India. He scored four 10s and five 9s in the nine rounds he fired in the semifinals. 

He also qualified for the Tokyo Olympics 2020 as one of the members of India’s Men’s recurve team.


Age: 23 Bow Type:  Recurve

Average Arrow: 9.16 World Ranking: 76

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