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5 Greatest WWE Champions of all time

The current WWE Champion is AJ Styles. Here we bring you 5 such WWE Champions, who have made the title what it is today.

Last updated: 13.08.2018
Greatest WWE Champion

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The WWE Championship is perhaps the most prestigious title of World Wrestling Entertainment. Wrestlers who have held this Championship, have created a unique reputation for themselves. This title has given rise to several rivalries, feuds and story-lines in the WWE.

The current WWE Champion is AJ Styles. No doubt, he is a ‘phenomenal’ wrestler and has brought a lot of dignity to the WWE Championship. Here we bring you 5 such WWE Champions, who have made the title what it is today.

Below is the list of those 5 best WWE Champions of all time.


5. Bruno Sammartino

Bruno Sammartino, is the longest reigning WWE Champion ever. He held the title for nearly 8 years. He was a superstar, who enjoyed a larger than life persona throughout his career.

Bruno Sammartino was almost undefeated during his time. He brought a lot of prestige and pride to the Championship. He was the kind of player who did main-event many shows and was one of the best technical wrestlers that the professional pro-wrestling industry has ever witnessed. Fans considered him as their God and thus he is number 5 on the list of all-time great Champions in the WWE.

4. The Rock

Rock is a former 8 times WWE Champion. He was the ‘people’s champion’ and was the most ‘electrifying’ WWE wrestler. No wrestler till date, could deliver promos and in-ring skills like Rock used to do. His moves, his ability to connect with the fans, made him one of the all-time greatest Champions till date.

Throughout his career, Rock performed both as a face and as a heel. His character was loved by the WWE Universe. Rock could sell arenas and even headlined several PPV’s. Hence, he is the 4th greatest WWE Champion of all time in the WWE.

3. Triple H

Triple H a.k.a. The Game, is a 9 time WWE Champion, and is second on the list for maximum number of reigns. He was the villain, WWE fans loved to watch. No Champion had ever received the kind of ovation he used to receive from fans across the world. Triple H competed in several matches under varied stipulations as the WWE Champion.

He gifted the WWE Universe with an unbelievable feud and rivalry against Stone Cold and the Rock. He was a fighting Champion and is probably the best WWE Champion in the Attitude Era of WWE.

2. CM Punk

CM Punk is the most controversial WWE Champion ever. He was the WWE Champion for 434 days, and became the longest reigning WWE Champion in the last 25 years. He was the only wrestler who walked out of the company as a Champion taking the WWE belt along with him.

Punk was a Paul Heyman guy and was the most talked about WWE Champion in the last ten years. He could defeat anyone and everyone. Punk had a grandiloquent verbose and could dissect anyone with a microphone in his hand. He delivered several story-lines and is perhaps the best wrestler WWE has had in the PG Era.

1.     1. John Cena

John Cena is a living legend. He is undoubtedly the biggest superstar to have ever stepped inside the WWE ring. His accomplishments as the WWE Champion are enormous. Cena is a 13 times WWE Champion and has the most number of title reigns.

He was the WWE Champion for a record number of 381 days, which was a record in the last 25 years (later broken by CM Punk). Cena was a fighting Champion and defended his title multiple times in his career. WWE Universe loved to see him as their Champion. He is thus number 1 on the list.

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