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5 WWE wrestlers who embarked on acting career

We here in this article bring forth 5 such wrestlers, who have enjoyed some success in their acting profession.

Last updated: 26.08.2018
5 WWE wrestlers who embarked on acting career

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WWE wrestlers are global superstars. The moment they step inside the ring, they cast some kind of impression upon the audience. Many of them portray on-screen characters, which the WWE Universe loves to cherish throughout their lives. Thus, it is quite often, they get offer to act in movies.

Several WWE stars over the years, have accepted those offers and worked in movies. While some of them have become highly successful, others have failed to generate a similar impression as WWE. We here in this article bring forth 5 such wrestlers, who have enjoyed some success in this profession.

Below is the list of 5 such players.


Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey is one of the few female superstars from the WWE, who has worked in the movies. She has mostly played characters, where she represents herself as a strong fighter. Rousey mostly came to fame, with her performance in the movie Fast and Furious 7. She has appeared in several other movies also.

In 2018, her upcoming movie Mile 22 is scheduled to release. This movie is expected to do well as usual in the box office. We hope, she enjoys an equally good run in the movies, just like her fighting and wrestling career.

Triple H

Triple H was the biggest star of WWE in the early 2000’s. Therefore, it is no surprise, that movie offers came to him easily. His appeared in couple of movies and also in TV Shows. His first movie was Blade: Trinity, released in 2004. However, after his 2nd movie, he didn’t receive much offers.

Unfortunately for Triple H, his Hollywood career didn’t go like his career in the WWE. He enjoyed average success, and after a while focussed more on where he belongs, the WWE Universe. He did a couple of movies after that and finally stopped his acting career.


Dave Bautista had a great run in the movies. He has appeared in several films, and has often received both critical acclaim and box office success. His recent performance in the Avengers, was thoroughly enjoyed by people across the world. Even though he parted ways with the WWE, he is having a very good run in the Hollywood industry.

Batisa is currently having several upcoming movies on his list. He is giving good competitions to top notch actors and ‘A’ grade WWE superstars. We are sure, that he will have an even better career in this industry than his legendary career in the WWE.

John Cena

John Cena is without a doubt, the biggest superstar of all time in the WWE. However, that didn’t help him to become an equally successful movie star. Most of the movies that he chose to act in, had poor scripts, unimpressive cinematography, and other factors. As a result of all these things, Cena could only remain an average movie star. He could become the star everyone wanted him to be.


However, he is having several upcoming shows and films and we all can hope that, those films give him better credentials and he becomes a bigger movie star. John Cena is a fighiting Champion in the WWE and would surely fight back in Hollywood as well.


Rock is the biggest movie star to have emerged from the WWE industry. He is a bonafide Hollywood actor who has achieved equal success, if not more in the film industry, than in the WWE. Some of his famous movies are- Fast and Furious series, Jumanji, Baywatch, San Andreas and several others. He is the person who made it clear, that people from the WWE could become a bigger movie star than an actor himself.

Rock is flooded with movie and TV show offers. WWE Universe would love to see their favourite wrestler shine and prove himself in Hollywood like the way he did it in WWE. We wish him the best for his future endeavours.

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