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Top 5 Best Moves of Eddie Guerrero

In this article, check out the top 5 best moves of Eddie Guerrero. Eddie Guerrero is one of the greatest of all time and someone who is still loved and missed by all WWE fans.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 09.06.2023
Best Moves of Eddie Guerrero

Eddie Guerrero is one of the greatest of all time and someone who is still loved and missed by all WWE fans even after so many years of his passing. Eddie Guerrero was a true master of the craft and he knew how to get the emotion out of the fans whether it be as a heel or a face. And Eddie Guerrero was one of the best Wrestlers of all time and one of the reasons for that he had so many moves that he could use in his matches.

Even though Eddie Guerrero is not with the WWE universe, his matches are still being watched by all the young superstars who want to become as great as he was during his prime. 

So, let’s look at the Top 5 Moves of Eddie Guerrero

1) Frog Splash

This was the most recognisable finishing move at that time and it was all because Eddie Guerrero did this move better than anybody In the world and he made this move what it is today. Eddie Guerrero was so athletic for his time and everyone wanted to work with him. Eddie would hit a picture perfect Frog Splash and the match would be over everytime he hit this move in a match.

2) Lasso from El Paso

This is the submission finishing move that Eddie Guerrero used in his matches and he used this move whenever he wanted to win a match via submission. Eddie Guerrero could do anything inside the Wrestling ring. In this move Eddie would lock both the legs of his opponent while the opponent is laying down and he giving full pressure while standing and the opponent has jo choice but to tap out. It is one of the most painful submission moves in wrestling.

3) Three Amigos

This is the move of Eddie Guerrero that all the wrestlers from today use to give tribute to him and Eddie Guerrero was famous for this move and it was a simple move but he made it so iconic. In this move Eddie Guerrero would lift his opponent 3 times in a row and give the opponent 3 Suplexes and he would get a near fall whenever he hit this move. The wrestlers of today do this move as a homage to Eddie Guerrero.

4) Dropkick

The Dropkick was a move that Eddie Guerrero made famous as well and it looks like that Eddie Guerrero made a lot of wrestling moves famous. The Dropkick is a move that when done properly looks incredibly and Eddie Guerrero was the master of the move as he would hit the kick right to the face of the opponent and the opponent would fall down in a heap.

5) Gory Special

The fifth move in this list is perhaps the hardest move that Eddie Guerrero had to do in his matches and this move was very hard to do and very difficult to do it right. In this move Eddie Guerrero would lift his opponent on his back and then lock his hands with the hands of the opponent and then give a Powerbomb face first in the ring and the opponent would be out for a while and this would allow Eddie Guerrero to plan for his next move.

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