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Top 5 Best Moves of Logan Paul

Logan Paul is without a doubt one of the best wrestlers in WWE today and he is not even a regular WWE Wrestler. Check out here his top 5 best moves.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 03.04.2023
Best Moves of Logan Paul

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Logan Paul is without a doubt one of the best wrestlers in WWE today and he is not even a regular WWE Wrestler. He was a big star who came from the outside and in a few years and after having 3-4 Matches the WWE fans as well as the WWE superstars have known that Logan Paul is the real deal and any match that he has will be a banger. At WrestleMania 39 he will face Seth Rollins is what many fans are already calling match of the night. This amount of trust in one’s work takes time to build.

One of the reasons why Logan Paul is so good is because he has a great set of moves that he uses in his matches and he does them so well that even those who are professionally doing this all the time look second best to Logan Paul. 

So, let’s take a look at the Top 5 Moves of Logan Paul:


1) Frog Splash

This is one of the finishing moves of Logan Paul and he does this move perhaps the second best in the world. And Logan Paul is not afraid to go all high risk as a couple of times he has given a Frog Splash through the opponent on top of the announce table and it looks incredible when he does it. The movement in the air when he jumps like a frog is mind blowing and the impact is devastating on the opponent.

2) Powerslam

The Powerslam is a move that only the big men in WWE traditionally do in their matches but Logan Paul is no ordinary man as he does such a good Powerslam to his opponents. In this move he lifts the opponent up and then gives them a Powerslam back first and he gets a near fall for that move and it also allows him to set up the other big moves that he has lined up

3) Springboard Clothesline

This is a move that Logan Paul has only dished out once till now but the one time he did it was something that no WWE fan will ever forget. At the Royal Rumble 2023, Logan Paul and Ricochet were on both sides of the ring and then they springboard off the top rope and gave each other a clothesline in mid air and it was the most mind boggling visual in some time and everyone was convinced that Logan Paul is the real deal.

4) Kick to Face

This is one move that a lot of WWE superstars use and it is also a common move in the arsenal of Logan Paul in the number of Matches he has had in his short career in WWE. Logan Paul has a stiff kick to the face which hurts his opponents and they lay in the ground and he gets a near fall each time he hits the kick.

5) Springshot Lariat

This is one of the signature moves that Logan Paul uses in his matches and out of all the wrestlers who do this move and there are legendary ones like Hangman Page , the one by Logan Paul is the best. In this move Logan Paul goes to the outside of the ring and then he springs into the ring and then he hits a Lariat to his opponent who falls to the ground. It is a great move and looks Goud as well.


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