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Carmelo Hayes vs Trick Williams will be incredible

Carmelo Hayes has done everything there is to do in NXT and the last thing left is to feud against Trick Williams. Carmelo Hayes vs Trick Williams feud will be incredible to watch out.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 08.11.2023
Carmelo Hayes vs Trick Williams will be incredible

WWE NXT Halloween Havoc closed with Carmelo Hayes being beaten by Ilja Dragunov for the NXT Championship. After the match Trick Williams came out with a stern look on his face and he was ready to beat up Carmelo Hayes but he helped him get up and the show ended on a cliffhanger. NXT has been on fire since the past year but this was one of their best closing segments in a long time. Carmelo Hayes has done everything there is to do in NXT and the last thing left is to feud against Trick Williams.

Let’s talk about why this feud will be incredible for NXT

Carmelo Hayes vs Trick Williams is going to cook

Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams have been together in NXT for the last 2 years. They have grown together in the Wrestling business. It must be a great moment for them to be able to feud with each other. This is the goal of 2 great friends or brothers. Trick Williams has always been the supporting act while Carmelo Hayes has been the star and has carried NXT on his back for years. He has been the North American Champion as well as the NXT Champion. Trick Williams has always been there for his best friend and Carmelo Hayes also loved his boy. However this year is when things started to change as Trick Williams started getting more popular and Carmelo Hayes got jealous. 

He was unable to digest the fact that Trick Williams was more over than him. He was the one who gave Trick Williams everything and he now has surpassed him. The fans chant Whoop That Trick every time he comes out and in between his matches. Booker T has also added a lot to the presentation of Trick Williams. Trick Williams feels that now Is his time to shine and he has earned this spot. He has been the most improved wrestler in NXT and it shows. He won the NXT North American Championship but only for a week. Then he was supposed to be in a Fatal Four Way to be the number 1 contender for the NXT Championship but was taken out minutes before the match. The fans think that it was Carmelo Hayes who took out his best friend so that he was unable to participate in this match. 

This past week when Trick Williams returned, the look on the face of Carmelo Hayes said everything and he did not even need to say a word. It was written in his face that he was guilty as the person who took out Trick Williams. The eventual reveal will be heartbreaking for all the fans but all of the WWE universe is ready for a personal and bloody feud between 2 best friends. If this is executed well then it might become one of the best NXT feuds of all time. Carmelo Hayes knows This is the last thing he will do in NXT and so he will give it his everything and he will make sure that Trick Williams becomes a much bigger star. The matches between these 2 will be some of the best in the history of NXT and they would want to better Ilja Dragunov vs Carmelo Hayes. Shawn Michaels has the chance to create something memorable and going by his track record, he will cook a masterpiece of a Feud. 

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