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NXT Vengeance Day 2024 Results

In this article, take a look at the NXT Vengeance Day 2024 Results. This show had 6 matches and all of them were high quality wrestling matches.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 15.02.2024
NXT Vengeance Day 2024 Results

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NXT Vengeance Day is in the books and it was an incredible show from top to bottom. This show had 6 matches and all of them were high quality wrestling matches. WWE needed a strong showing to take the minds of the fans away from the Cody Rhodes stuff that has angered the fans. Shawn Michaels booked a special show and there was a heel turn that was heartbreaking.

Let’s look at the Results for NXT Vengeance Day 2024

Baron Corbin and Bron Breakker beat Trick Williams and Carmelo Hayes in the Dusty Cup Finals

This was the first match on the card and what a blockbuster tag team match it was. It was 3 of the biggest NXT Superstars and a veteran in Baron Corbin. This was a 14:30 minute match in which all 4 men showed their skills and had one of the best tag team Matches in recent NXT history. Trick Williams and Carmelo Hayes were gelling well as a team and Baron Corbin and Bron Breakker are a terrific team. In the end after a fantastic tag team match, Baron Corbin and Bron Breakker won the Dusty Cup and will have an opportunity at the tag team titles.


Dijak beat Joe Gacy in a No DQ Match

This was the second match of the night and it was the No DQ Match between Dijak and Joe Gacy. This was a big test for Gacy who had the chance to show Shawn Michaels and the officials that he was a great wrestler and 12 minutes is what exactly he did. Dijak is a world class Wrestler and he cannot have a bad match. After 12 minutes of beating the heck out of each other it was Dijak who won this match.

The Family beat OTM

This was a mixed tag team match in which 6 of those talented wrestlers got a chance to shine who otherwise would not have had a chance to be at this show. This was a match where Adrianna Rizzo, Channing Lorenzo and Tony D’Angelo of The Family beat Lucien Price, Bronco Nima and Jaida Parker. This was a 10 minute match.

Lyra Valkaria vs Roxanne Perez vs Lola Vice for the NXT Women’s Championship

This was originally supposed to be a one on one match between Lyra Valkaria vs Roxanne Perez but during the match Lola Vice cashed in her Breakout Tournament cash in and she was entered in the match and it became a triple Threat. It was a wrestling clinic between the first 2 wrestlers but with the addition of Lola Vice it became entertaining. Lyra Valkaria won the match and retained her championship.

Oba Femi beat Dragon Lee for NXT North American Championship

This was the biggest match in the young career of Oba Femi. It was Oba Femi vs Dragon Lee for the NXT North American Championship. This match was exceptional as Dragon Lee showed all his class and Oba Femi showed the world why Shawn Michaels has pushed him to the moon so fast. This was a 11 minute match and Oba Femi showed that he would be here for a long time. He won the match and retained his NXT North American Championship.

Ilja Dragunov beat Trick Williams for NXT Championship

This was the main event and this match is the WWE Match of the Year so far. It was between Ilja Dragunov vs Trick Williams for the NXT Championship. This was a match that the WWE fans have been wanting for a long time and they delivered and then some. This was an 18 minute classic and it was easily 5 stars. Trick Williams has developed into the biggest face of NXT and Ilja Dragunov is a heck of a champion. They had so many great near falls but in the end it was Ilja Dragunov who retained his NXT Championship.

After the match Carmelo Hayes consoled Trick Williams only to turn his back on him the next moment. He beat Trick Williams down badly and he hit him with steel chairs. Trick Williams was betrayed by his best friend and now the path to NXT Stand and Deliver 2024 looks clear.

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