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Paul Heyman - An all time legend

Paul Heyman is without a doubt one of the all time greats in the wrestling business. Let’s look at the 30 year plus career of the legend that is Paul Heyman.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 31.12.2021
Paul Heyman An all time legend

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Paul Heyman is without a doubt one of the all time greats in the wrestling business. His career and the people he has managed has to be the biggest in history. He even started ECW as an alternative to WCW and WWE. His 30 year plus career and the fact that he is the greatest manager in wrestling history is amazing.

Paul Heyman is a wrestling legend and everything he does is so perfect and immaculate that the performers with him have to up their game to a whole other level to keep up with him . Let’s look at the 30 year plus career of the legend that is Paul Heyman.

WCW (1988-1993)


Paul Heyman started in WCW with Jim Cornette in 1988 where he managed the Dangerous alliance and then he sat in the broadcast booth with Jim Ross to call matches in WCW. He did that for 3 years abs then the WCW in 1991 was in search for heels and they brought Paul Heyman who again managed the Dangerous alliance with Rick Rude as the main star. Paul Heyman led Rick Rude to the United States championship and the Anderson- Eaton tag team to win the tag titles and the Dangerous alliance dominated most of 1992.

Extreme Championship Wrestling (1993-2001)

When he started ECW in 1993, he faced a lot of issues from different parties and promotions but Paul Heyman fought them all and established ECW as a prominent wrestling promotion by 1995 and he even gave his wrestlers the freedom to express their true feelings about other promotions and make the Rivalries as personal as possible between the wrestlers in ECW. In 1995, he formed an alliance with WWF and Vince McMahon sent some of his wrestlers to wrestle in ECW, when the time came for ECW to expand , it could not happen as the USA network didn’t let that happen and Paul Heyman got bankrupt as well and finally after all this while ECW closed on 4th April, 2001. It was a valiant attempt by Heyman to launch a wrestling alternative.

WWE Career (2001-2006)

Paul Heyman joined WWE in 2001 and was immediately given the responsibility of lead writer and commentator and he performed both of his duties to the best of his ability. The shows got better with his writing and the broadcast booth got more entertaining as a result of Heyman being in it. Then came , probably his greatest work ever , he started managing Brock Lesnar in 2002 and although the first phase of their partnership only lasted a couple of years the impact he made was tremendous. Then he became the general manager of SmackDown from 2003-04 and made SmackDown into a great Wrestling show where everyone got opportunities to shine. In 2005, ECW was started again under the WWE umbrella and Paul Heyman was put incharge of it and ECW got Two of its greatest shows , One night stand in 2005 and 2006 abs then shortly after that ECW was gone for good and Heyman left as well.

WWE Career (2012-Now)

This is arguably his greatest phase and his most consistent phase of work and this is what makes him an all time legend. He started managing Brock Lesnar in 2012 as his mouthpiece and he used to hype up Brock so well that Brock felt like a bigger deal than he already was. They were a great combination all around as Brock Lesnar did what Heyman said he would do and made Paul the most believable manager in WWE. Paul was a master storyteller as well and thus he was made executive director of Raw and Raw got better because of him but after a few months he was removed and kept as Brock Lesnar’s advocate. Im 2020, when Brock Lesnar took a break from WWE, he joined up with Roman Reigns as his special counsel and this pairing has been absolute gold as both are elite level performers and they rub each other very well so the future of Paul Heyman looks very bright even after so many years and this shows his stature in WWE.

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