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Should WrestleMania be 1 night or 2 nights?

For 35 years the WWE held WrestleMania as a one night event and it was all well till WrestleMania 31. Should WrestleMania be 1 night or 2 nights and which one of two ideas is better?

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 21.03.2022
Should WrestleMania be 1 night or 2 nights?

This has been a topic of discussion amongst wrestling fans for the last 3 years since WWE started airing their biggest show of the year WrestleMania for 2 nights meaning Saturday and Sunday in the first week of April and some fans love the idea while the others ,not so much. Now we are here to discuss the pros and cons of both the ideas and we will leave it to the readers to decide which is the best way forward after WrestleMania 38?

For 35 years the WWE held WrestleMania as a one night event and it was all well till WrestleMania 31 but after that the skies started to get 5 hours long and this is a long time for any fan to watch one show on the trot and they tried the one night event till WrestleMania 35 but during WrestleMania 36, Covid struck the world and the WWE could not perform in front of lice fans so they decided to do a 2 night WrestleMania event. So, let’s see which one of the two ideas is better ?

1 Night WrestleMania

This is a concept which the WWE traditionally followed for 35 years and it was very successful for them. They made a lot of money in that one night and the point that WrestleMania is the single biggest night of the year was also proving true and the fans got all the high profile and top quality matches in that one night and it was all going great till WrestleMania 31 when the shows used to be 4 hours long but since WrestleMania 32, they added more matches to the card to give more Superstars a chance to perform at WrestleMania and thus the shows got more than 5 hours long and that is not something the fans enjoyed anywhere in the world and not in that stadium as well as their energy world run out during those 5 hours and the main event sometimes would go quiet. Seeing the anger in the fans WWE decided to try a different thing from WrestleMania 36.

2 Night WrestleMania

We talked about the 1 night WrestleMania thing in detail in the previous section. The 2 night WrestleMania idea was not something which was suddenly decided upon , the fans since the last 5-6 years have been calling on WWE to copy what NJPW does with their biggest show Wrestle Kingdom and how successful they have been since they are doing the 2 night events and finally during WrestleMania 36 and unfortunately due to Covid there was no crowd at that WrestleMania so WWE decided to try the 2 night idea and it was a great success as there were 8 matches on both nights and more Superstars got the chance to wrestle as well as the shoes were not more than 3 hours long so that was a big plus for the fans and the quality of matches was of the sane high standard and there were 2 main events of WrestleMania which means more stars got the chance to main event the biggest show. The cons are that when WrestleMania will go into a 100,000 seater stadium from this year, it will be a huge challenge to fill out all the seats for 2 nights in a row and if only the card is great for both nights will the fans buy tickets for both nights. Let’s see how well WrestleMania 38 goes and if all goes well they might stick to the 2 night WrestleMania idea.

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