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We Want Cody vs We Want Rocky for WrestleMania 40

In the aftermath of last Friday's SmackDown, the wrestling community is split between those advocating for The Rock and those rallying behind Cody Rhodes. Twitter is abuzz, and anticipation rises for WWE's press conference in Las Vegas.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 08.02.2024
The Rock vs Cody Rhodes for WrestleMania 40

Key Takeaway:

The wrestling world is divided between those rooting for The Rock and those supporting Cody Rhodes after last Friday's SmackDown. The upcoming WWE Press Conference in Las Vegas promises revelations.

After last Friday on SmackDown, the Wrestling world has been divided into Two camps, One side there are the fans they Want Cody Rhodes and there are the fans that want The Rock. Twitter has seen a sudden rise in engagement from the Wrestling community and even the mainstream media outlets are picking it up. This could head in a number of different directions and it will all be revealed in the Press Conference that WWE will be having on Thursday in Las Vegas.

Let’s talk about both sides in this feud

We Want Rocky

First let’s talk about the We Want Rocky chants and the tweets that have been made by his fans. His fans say that The Rock is the biggest star in the world today and he has Hollywood at his call. He does not need to do this but he is doing this because he wants to. They also say that Roman Reigns vs The Rock is the biggest match WWE can do for WrestleMania 40. The Rock will bring In more eyeballs and more mainstream media coverage for WrestleMania. Therefore the segment on Friday was done and it has had a strong reaction from all quarters. The Rock joined the TKO Board and one of his conditions was having this match against Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 40. It will be his last match and he wants to go out on a high. The WrestleMania 40 Kickoff Press Conference this Thursday in Las Vegas during Super Bowl weekend will give all the answers.

We Want Cody

We Want Cody started immediately after SmackDown went off the air. It has gotten bigger and bigger and it has been trending for 3 days non stop on X. We Want Cody fans are absolutely mind boggling in number and they have made their voices Heard. The video that WWE uploaded of The Rock confronting Roman Reigns has over 600,000 dislikes which makes it the most disliked video in WWE history. And the fans spontaneously trended We Want Cody and it was the number 1 Trend in the United States for a full day. The majority of wrestling fans were disappointed by what happened Friday and the We Want Cody hashtag has over 400,000 tweets and counting. Major media organizations like ESPN, Barstool Sports, TMZ, USA Today and even the NFL have covered this trend. Wrestling fans have not been this United since WrestleMania 30 and Daniel Bryan.

The best solution to this problem will be to announce a Triple Threat Match featuring all the 3 men involved. In this way , The Rock will get his match against Roman Reigns and Cody Rhodes will get to finish his story. The fans of both sides will be happy and everyone will be excited for WrestleMania 40 again. All the answers will be revealed on Thursday in Las Vegas.

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