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Why Asuka should win the SmackDown Women’s Championship at Money in the Bank Pay-per-view

Last updated: 04.06.2018
Asuka should become the next SmackDown Women’s Champion in WWE. | Sports Social Blog

In WWE's Women's division, the name Asuka stands for dominance and annihilation. Asuka has created a sense of paranoia among her fellow competitors about herself. In WWE and in other pro-wrestling organizations she has proved her worth and is one of the best female pro-wrestling superstars that the world has ever seen.

Asuka is scheduled to fight Carmella for the SmackDown Women's Championship at Money in the Bank Pay-per-view. Let us understand why this match is crucial and Asuka should win the contest.

Asuka has won dozens of Championship in various corners of the world. In Japan, she is no less than a religious figure for her wrestling fans. In WWE, she is a former and the longest reigning NXT Champion. She won in 2018 the first ever Women's Royal Rumble match. Asuka also paired up with Miz and won the Mixed Tag-Team match challenge contest. She remained undefeated for a span of 914 days in WWE single's competition and won 267 matches on the trot before losing to Charlotte Flair at WrestleMania.

Carmella, on the other hand, won the inaugural Money in the Bank match and cashed her contract upon a vulnerable Charlotte Flair and became the Champion. However, she does not have many achievements on her resume to brag about. Her story-lines are bogus and WWE Universe boos the hell out of her.

The audience will surely root for Asuka in the match. She has all the ingredients to become the longest reigning Champion. Moreover, she is a way more talented superstar than Carmella or any of her fellow colleagues. Asuka is a combination of power, agility, speed and high-flying abilities. Carmella has almost no chance to fight and win against Asuka.

Also, if Asuka wins, WWE would be blessed with new story-lines, which the SmackDown's female division is lacking. Any wrestler would think twice before facing her for a Championship match. She would bring dignity and prestige to the title, which Charlotte used to carry with her. No one takes Carmella seriously and WWE too seems confused on how to utilize her potentials and her in-ring skills.

Asuka can also bring matches and stipulations for title defense if he wins the Championship. It would be like a breath of fresh oxygen, which the SmackDown women's division needs so desperately. Being a global star, she has a fan base all over the planet. It would help WWE garner high viewership and more TRP's. Asuka can also single-handedly sell arenas main-event shows. She is a crowd puller and has a lot of entertaining skills. As a champion, she can headline several shows worldwide and it would fetch more live audiences. Overall, it is a win-win situation for both WWE and Asuka.

Thus, if we scrutinize the above factors and analyze them individually, we can understand that she deserves to be a champion much more than anyone else. Hence, Asuka should win against Carmella at MITB and become the next SmackDown Women's Championship.

A look back at Asuka's incredible NXT career:

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