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Why CM Punk should come back to WWE

CM Punk is perhaps WWE's biggest creation and is a former ECW Champion, World Heavyweight Champion, World Tag Team Champion, WWE Champion.

Last updated: 17.06.2018
CM Punk is currently in UFC | Sports Social Blog

CM Punk is perhaps WWE's biggest creation in the PG Era. He is a former ECW Champion, World Heavyweight Champion, World Tag Team Champion, WWE Champion and the Intercontinental Champion. He also won the 2008 and 2009 Money in the Bank match and became the first ever person on the planet to accomplish this feat. Throughout his career, he was engaged in several feuds and rivalries and was always a fan favorite. Punk reached heights in his career, which other wrestlers could not even dream of obtaining. Let us understand, why he should come back to WWE.


CM Punk and WWE management never acted in a hand in glove manner. Punk was always an anti-management kind of person. He could never accept the fact that fellow wrestlers like John Cena, Triple H, and Rock would be promoted over him. He was a 'Paul Heyman guy' and thus landed up in several controversies. He openly disregarded John Laurinaitis and criticised WWE management. He was a rebel. However, despite portraying a negative character on-screen, his fan following till date is the highest for any wrestler.


Punk is currently in the UFC, and, needless to say, he is not able to impress anyone. He suffered two humiliating losses. Though he showed some improvements in his second match, nowhere did he showed any signs of a UFC fighter.


In WWE, he has been the longest reigning WWE Champion (434 days) in the last 25 years. His story-lines were always interesting. He could make anything unconventional look pedestrian. He was the undisputed king of the microphone. When he spoke, the entire world listened. His ability to connect the fans is something remarkable. He words sounded like music in the ears of the WWE fans.


Also, his wrestling moves were unique. His kicks were his assets. The running bulldog, the GTS etc, all combined made him the favorite pro-wrestling star in WWE's PG Era. Punk was equally successful as a heel and as a face. He headlined several PPV's and did main-event several shows. His high-flying ability along with his speed and agility, helped him annihilate superstars of varying sizes.


Punk was also looked upon as an 'agent of change' in the WWE. He voiced his opinions several times about the changes he wanted to bring in to the WWE. He wanted the 'ice-cream bars' back. He spoke openly in favor of the attitude era. All of these stirred the management to not renew his contract.


Punk must sort his differences with the WWE management and look up once again to work back with WWE. He is nowhere near to the fame and popularity he used to get in WWE that he is getting in UFC. If this kind of performance continues, his career would be at stake. Many people across the wrestling fraternity believe that Punk still has a lot to offer to WWE. At present, his ego is holding him back from joining WWE once again. That is perfectly alright considering how WWE decided to terminate him on his wedding day. But, Punk must put in second thoughts and think of reconciling back. Mr. McMahon has stated previously, that if everything is alright he is willing to work with Punk again in the future.


Both WWE and Punk need each other. They both need to keep their past aside and settle their differences. There is not an iota of doubt, that post CM Punk, WWE could never create a wrestler of his magnitude. CM Punk is not just a name, he has become a brand. He became larger than WWE and that was the root cause of all his problems. If Punk comes back to WWE, it would undoubtedly be the highest Televised Rated Points show ever in WWE history. We hope this happens soon. It would bring smiles on the face of the entire WWE Universe. Punk would benefit and so would WWE.

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