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Why John Cena should win either WWE or Universal Championship

John Cena is not just a name, he is an emotion. He is the leader of the ‘cenation’ and is a 16 times World Champion.

Last updated: 28.09.2018
John Cena interacting with fans | Sports Social Blog

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John Cena and his accomplishments

John Cena is not just a name, he is an emotion. He is the leader of the ‘cenation’ and is a 16 times World Champion. He along with Ric Flair holds the joint record for a maximum number of World Championship reigns. He is a former 3 times World Heavyweight Champion and is a thirteen-time WWE Champion. Apart from that, he has held several other Championships and has various other records on his resume.

Cena is the face of WWE for more than a decade now. He has headlined multiple pays per views and did main-event several shows. He has perhaps feuded against all the top-notch superstars of different generations including AJ Styles, Randy Orton, Triple H, JBL, Big Show, Edge and to name a few. No superstar in the WWE is near to Cena in terms of fan following and is as popular as he is. People from age eight to eighty all love John Cena.


Best Champion so far in WWE

Cena is currently a free agent and competes as a part-timer. He has the liberty to compete either in RAW or in SmackDown Live. Therefore, Cena can compete for either of the two World Championships- Universal Championship and WWE Championship. Let us understand why Cena should win either of the titles once more.

He is 41 years old currently and won’t be hovering for much more time in the organization. A legend of his stature deserves to be acknowledged as the all-time greatest. Therefore, he should be crowned with the maximum number of World Championship reigns (more than Ric Flair). It would be the best way to bid adieu to someone, who carried WWE on his shoulders for so long. Thus, not only he deserves the title shot, but it is also somewhat a moral responsibility on the part of the organization to give him one more World Championship reign.

Also, if we dig into past, it is evident that there is no better Champion than John Cena was. Whenever he was the champion, he brought honor and integrity to the Championship. Cena always put hustle, loyalty, and respect over anything. He never used underhand tactics to win any World Championship matches. Therefore, he is one of the best Champions in the WWE.

Story-lines and promos

John Cena can talk an entire day and the people would still not feel bored. This is because Cena is the undisputed king of delivering promos. In pro wrestling, a Champion is recognized not only by his wrestling skills but also through his ability to talk on the mic. Cena can nail anyone and everyone. Hence, he can put forth new story-lines which would be interesting for the WWE Universe to watch out for.

All of these factors combined would tantamount to the fact, that John Cena as either the Universal or the WWE Champion, is surely ‘best for business’.

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