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Why Rusev should be the next WWE Champion

Rusev recently won a gauntlet match and thus qualified himself as the number one contender for AJ Styles’s WWE Championship.

Last updated: 23.08.2018
Why Rusev should be the next WWE Champion

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Rusev is a Bulgarian brawler, who is currently performing on World Wrestling Entertainment’s SmackDown brand. He recently won a gauntlet match and thus qualified himself as the number one contender for AJ Styles’s WWE Championship. Rusev is scheduled to face Styles for the WWE title at the Extreme Rules Pay-Per-View. Let us look at some reasons, why he can become the next WWE Champion.

Former United States Champion


Rusev has proved in the past that he is a Champion material. He is a former two time United States Champion in the WWE. He defeated players like Sheamus and Kalisto to crown himself as the US Champion. He is a fighting Champion. He has held the title for a total number of 273 days combined. He has defended it against several top notch athletes in WWE.

Hence, if he wins the WWE title, he will carry forth the equal prestige and honour the title owns. He will be the people’s Champion and is therefore the most deserving number one contender for the title.

Defeated John Cena

To compete and defeat John Cena in a match is a mammoth task. Rusev, is one of the few wrestlers in the WWE to make Cena lose to submission. This match changed the perception about Rusev to the entire WWE Universe. People saw and realized, he has what it takes to become a big time player. Therefore, if he becomes the WWE Champion, he has the potential to deliver top level matches and strong competitions to anyone and everyone in the WWE.

Extremely entertaining

Many fans believe, that Rusev is the heart and soul of SmackDown Live. He can make the entire WWE universe chant ‘Rusev Day’ like some kind of religious song. He, along with Lana and Aiden English, can put up any kind of stuffs and make the entire WWE fans mesmerized to their ex-factor. If he becomes the WWE Champion, then every day in WWE would be celebrated as Rusev Day. The day he will win the Championship will become the beginning of the calendar year for Rusev year.

New Story-lines

Once he becomes the next WWE Champion, he can put up several new-storylines in front of us. It will be the gateway for new rivalries, feuds and matches. Superstars, who were not considered so far in the title picture, would also get a chance to prove their worth and display their wrestling skills. It would create an environment, where players who didn’t receive the much needed push as of now, will be promoted by the WWE and could be projected as the next big thing. We hope this happens as soon as possible, because there are several unutilized talents in the WWE, especially on SmackDown Live.

Best for business

WWE management always believes in doing things that would benefit them both commercially and would also make the fans happy. Rusev is a fan favourite wrestler, and can sell arenas. He has the ability to main event shows and headline PPV’s. Therefore, investing in Rusev, would ultimately garner profit to World Wrestling Entertainment. He is like the hen, who is responsible for delivering golden eggs and thus WWE should preserve and utilize his talent in a sensible and responsible manner.

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