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Most fours in T20 internationals

Check out here list of most fours in T20 internationals. Currently Virat Kohli tops the list of most fours in T20 internationals.

Last updated: 09.10.2021
Most fours in T20 internationals

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In a world where over the best sixes are celebrated, cover drives and straight drives still stay alluring. Boundaries are a welcome expansion for a side independent of the format. And hitters who can hit boundaries at will, stand out from the rest. Over the years, endless cricketers have come and gone but only a number can claim to be a portion of that elite league. With that being said, here’s a list of the top five players with the foremost fours in T20 Internationals.


5. Aaron Finch


We begin our list with Australia’s explosive batsman, Aaron Finch. The Australian captain has hit a staggering 248 boundaries in the 71 matches he’s represented the Kangaroos in. With a scintillating average of over 3 fours per match, Finchy has the best Boundary-per-match ratio among all.


4. Rohit Sharma

An athlete bent on destruction when he’s on song, Rohit Sharma is a joy to watch when he gets going. Gifted with the skill of pitch-perfect timing, it would be hard to keep the Hitman off of a list like this. Sharma has hit an astounding 252 boundaries for the Men-in-Blue in just 111 matches. Standing in as India’s new potential skipper, Sharma has a lot left in the store as witnessed by his recent performances. Featuring in his 7th T20 World Cup this month, Rohit would like to climb the ladder and be challenge his former captain.


3. Paul Stirling

One of the most underrated batters to have ever graced the cricket field, Paul Stirling has earned quite a reputation. In the 78 matches he’s played for Ireland, Stirling has hit a grand total of 254 boundaries. At just 31 and with a long road ahead, Paul could very well go down as the player with the most boundaries in T20i cricket.


2. Martin Guptill

One of the finest white-ball openers of this generation, Guptill is competing in a league of his own. With the most sixes in T20i cricket, Guptill can’t claim the same when it comes to fours. Notwithstanding that, Guptill has about 256 fours to his name. This puts his name in the top two players with the most fours in T20 Internationals.


1. Virat Kohli

One of the most decorated players of the game, Virat Kohli stands atop all. Sticking to the basics, Virat ensured that you don’t have to play flashy shots to stand out from the crowd. Spoiling us with his majestic cover drives through the years, Virat has hit a total of 285 fours. With the burden of captaincy off his back, it’d be worth watching how many more glorious boundaries he can score.

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