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The 5 best Formula 1 races of all time

Figuring out the best F1 races of all time is tough. Over the years, F1 has offered us a number of dramatic races that still gives us chills. Here are the Top 5 such dramatic F1 races from history.

Abhranil Roy
Last updated: 04.12.2020
The 5 best Formula 1 races of all time | Sports Social Blog

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Drama, upturn and the thrill of cars jetting by you at over 300 kmph – F1 has never been short of action, ever since the competition started in 1950. There have been some incredible teams and incredible races, and it is indeed a tough ask to enlist the best 5 races of all time. The sports’ amphitheater vibe creates charismatic moments, scenarios, and discords which keep the fan buzz in a high octave.

Over the years, F1 has offered us a number of dramatic races that still gives us chills. Here is the Top 5 such dramatic f1 races from the history, which we have tried to list down:



#5: 2012 Brazilian Grand Prix:


More than drama, this race of the 2012 Brazilian Grand Prix was more eventful. It was the retirement race of Michael Schumacher and winning the race of Sebastian Vettel.  To add on, it was also the last race for other drivers like Timo Glock, Pedro de La Rosa, Narain Karthikeyan, and Bruno Senna.

It is typical for the winner to have a dramatic deficit at the beginning. So did Vettel drop to the 7th position, and Alonso progressed to the 5th position. However, very soon, the racers Vettel, Senna, and Perez got caught in a crash and suffered severe damages to their cars.


#4:1994 Australian Grand Prix:


Held in the Adelaide Street Circuit was famous for the enthralling drama in the race. It has captivated fans throughout and has served as a race that just couldn’t be slipped out in the years to follow.

The race geared on with Schumacher in the lead, closely followed by title rival Benetton driver Hill. The equation was similar until the 36th lap when both the drivers indulged in severe collisions at the East Terrace corner causing irreparable damage to Schumacher’s car. However, Hill could continue for a few laps but eventually, even he had to succumb to the injuries of his car. After the racers retired, Mansell led the race and was eventually winning the race. He was closely followed by Berger to win the second spot and Brundle to win the third spot.


#3: 2008 Brazilian Grand Prix:


Lewis Hamilton had to give away his chance at the Championship in 2007 after a gearbox malfunction that locked up his brakes dropping him down to the 18th position. However, he was back at the Interlagos 2008 Brazilian Grand Prix. Though there had been some nerve-racking moments at the Japanese Grand Prix, there was nothing as close as the level of drama that this race had.

The GP at Interlagos had all the drama one could ask for; conspiracy, rain, collusion, overtaking pit stops, and a nail-biting finish allowing us to witness one of the most dramatic F1 races. With 8 laps to go, in the Brazilian Grand Prix, all the top 5 racers stopped to change tires and refuel before the final lap. However, Toyota’s Glock did not as he already has done it in his 36th lap.

In the dramatic last lap, Hamilton caused a mishap with Vettel and Brit. Losing momentum, he allowed Brit and Vettel to go through. There, the Brazilian Massa unleashed celebrations in the control room as he thought he had won. However, it is through Glock’s discovery that we realize that Hamilton had actually won the race. 



#2: 1971 Italian Grand Prix:


It was September 5, 1971, when Monza captivated the remarkable history in the Italian Grand Prix. Never did people come across such a dramatic F1 race with a ‘neck-and-neck finish’ vibe.

Five contenders to secure the conquest in the final Lap, none knew whose wheels would make it to the tape first. Recalling such teeth clenching race, not anytime soon in the timeline did take place until the 2003 Italian Grand Prix at Monza. The race also witnessed the fastest lap in the history of F1 at 252km/h (156 mph).


#1: 2011 Canadian Grand Prix:


Perhaps no race will ever be a better example of drama and excitement than the 2011 Canadian Grand Prix. The sheer adrenaline in seeing Jenson Button race from the last position to the first since the remaining 30 laps to clinch a surprising victory is a unique feeling.

This is not an account; it is the story of Button and rain. From starting last to finishing first and getting suspended to changing tires to collisions. This race had every bit of drama an F1 fan could ask for.

A couple of hours of rain suspension, a couple of collisions, and six pit stops for the victor - the race had it all and then some. 

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