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F1 Race Engineers 2024 and Their Crucial Role

Dive into the world of these mastermind strategists who bridge the gap between driver, car, and victory. Learn about the top F1 race engineers of 2024 and the teams they manage.

Utsav Chaudhary
Last updated: 06.06.2024
F1 Race Engineers 2024

F1 race engineer is one of the most pivoted designations in the Formula 1 team. These members act as a bridge between the driver, the car, and the rest of the team on the paddock. They act as a supportive branch for the driver to optimize the car's performance on race weekends. Each team has its crew of race engineers and each driver has their F1 race engineers. Both drivers and race engineers work together to discuss the strategy they need to follow to win the race.

In the previous article, we covered how one can become an F1 race engineer. What it takes to be working in the motorsport teams and how can you achieve it as your goals. Now, we will discuss each F1 race engineer currently working with their respective drivers in the F1 teams on the grid.

Here’s everything you need to know about F1 top teams and F1 race engineers in 2024:

1. Oracle Red Bull Racing

Driver - Max Verstappen

F1 Race Engineer - Gianpiero Lambiase

Gianpiero Lambiase is an F1 race engineer who has worked in the same position with the Red Bull F1 Racing team for 18 years. He’s been an F1 race engineer for Max Verstappen since the Dutchman joined the team in 2016. Verstappen has sometimes made working and professional praise about the race engineers he works with full energy and potential but does not like to take much. Gianpiero started his engineering career with the Jordan F1 team in 2005. Later on, he worked as a race engineer for Sergio Perez in Force India from 2008 to 2014.

Driver- Sergio Perez

F1 Race Engineer-  Hugh Bird

Hugh Bird is an F1 race engineer and is currently working at the Red Bull Racing F1 team with driver Sergio Perez for the past three years. Before joining the Ranging Bulls, he started his motorsport racing career in  2012. Red Bull’s team principal saw an upskill mindset in Hugh and he was board under the team from 2015 to 2017. He was once a performance engineer for Max Verstappen and with his coordination Vesttappen won his first race in F1 at just 16 years of age. Now working for 11 years in the team, he’s been appointed as the senior race engineer for Sergio Perez.

2. Scuderia Ferrari HP

Driver- Charles Leclerc

F1 Race Engineer- Bryan Bozzi

Bryan Bozzi is a mechanical engineer who graduated from the University Of Bath, England. He is one of the new employees appointed by the team Ferrari in the paddock. After the completion of his graduation in engineering, he was hired by Ferrari in 2012. During his training period, he spent most of his time on the stimulation and analysis of the car with the wind tunnel effect in Maranello. With 10 years of experience with the team, he is now positioned as the race engineer for Charles Leclerc. They both will be working together for the first time. After the immediate departure of the previous race engineer Xavi Marcos, the new F1 race engineer will taste up the paddock at Imola together with Leclerc.

Driver-  Carlos Sianz

F1 Race Engineer- Riccardo Adami

Riccardo Adami was born on 27th November 1973 in Italy. He completed his graduation in Design and Development of Chassis from the University Of Brescia in 2001. After his educational journey was over he got an opportunity to work with the Minardi Formula 1 team in 2002. Later on, he joined Torro Rosso in 2005 and worked for 10 years with several drivers such as Sebastian Vettel, Sebastian Buemi, and Daniel Riccardo. With his skilled mindset and experience, he got a chance to be on board with Ferrari in 2015. Now he is still with the team working as an F1 race engineer for Sainz since 2021.

3. McLaren F1

Driver-  Lando Norris

F1 Race Engineer- William Joseph

William Joseph is the man behind the latest current on-track success of Lando Norris. Also known as Will Joseph, he completed his graduation from the University of Cambridge, and after his graduation was over he opted to go for the Masters. With a master's degree in Aerospace and Aerothermal engineering in 2006, he was hired by McLaren as a design engineer. Later on, he was promoted as a race engineer for Lando Norris since his debut with the team in  2019.

Driver- Oscar Piastri

F1 Race Engineer- Tom Stallard

Tom Stallard is one of the few race engineers who also has an outstanding performance record in the 2008 Summer Olympics. Yes, you heard it right before pursuing engineering he was a rower and won a silver medal at the 2008 Summer Olympics for Great Britain in Men’s Eight. He was also the head President of the Cambridge Blue Boat for the 2002 season. After retiring, Tom joined McLaren as an intern in 2008 and worked with various team drivers such as Jenson Button, Carlos Sainz, and Daniel Ricciardo. With his excellent performance, he was positioned as a race engineer for Oscar Piastri in 2023.

4. Mercedes AMG Petronas F1

Driver- Lewis Hamilton

F1 Race Engineer-  Peter Bonnington

Peter Bonnington is a British Formula 1 race engineer. He started his Formula 1 career as a data engineer with the Jordan Grand Prix F1 team in 2000. After he completed the Master's, he joined the Honda F1 Team as a performance engineer. Peter remained with the team when the team was configured with a new badge as Brawn GP and helped Jenson Button clinch his new F1 World Title in 2009. At present, he is working as a senior race engineer for Lewis Hamilton and won six championship titles with the team. Bonnington is regarded as one of the most successful F1 race engineers at the current paddock.

Driver- George Russell

F1 Race Engineer- Marcus Dudley

Marcus Dudley joined George Russell for the first time in 2023. Before joining the Formula 1 team Marcus was a mathematical modeler in 2006. Then after completing his graduation, he became a performance engineer for Arden International Motorsport. Later on, Dudley joined F1 with the Marussia F1 team and worked as a junior performance race engineer. Currently, he’s with George Russell at Silver Arrows.

5. Aston Martin F1

Driver- Fernando Alonso

F1 Race Engineer- Chris Cronin

Chris Cronin is a former race engineer of Sebastian Vettel. After Vettel retired from racing, Chris was moved as a senior race engineer for Fernando Alonso. Cronin is one of the few F1 Race engineers who are respected by several other drivers as, before Vettel, he was a performance engineer for Sergio Perez at the BWT Racing Point F1. He believed that the importance of being an F1 race engineer comes into play when you have strong beliefs among the team and drivers.

Driver- Lance Stroll

F1 Race Engineer- Ben Michell

Ben Michell has been working in F1 for almost 10 years. Before joining the pinnacle of motorsport, he was a junior performance engineer for Dunlop in  MotoGP. After he departed from bike racing, Michell joined the Caterham F1 Team in 2010 as a trackside tire engineer. When Caterham retired from racing he joined Toro Rosso as race engineer for Pierre Gasly. Now, he’s a senior race engineer at Aston Martin.

6. Visa Cash RB F1

Driver- Yuki Tsundo

F1 Race Engineer- Mattia Spini

Mattia Spini is one of the few members who has been working with RB F1 for almost a decade. He joined as a performance engineer in Toro Rosso then after the team was rebadged as Alpha Tauri was designated as a Junior race engineer for Gasly. He is currently working as an F1 race engineer with Visa Cas RB F1 team and is an F1 Race engineer of Yuki Tsundo.

Driver- Daniel Ricciardo

F1 Race Engineer- Pierre Hamelin

Pierre Hamelin is a French engineer who is working as an F1 Race Engineer at RB. He did his graduation in aerospace engineering and entered F1 as an R&D engineer in 2009 for Renault F1. He was with the team till 2014. In 2015 he was appointed as a performance engineer at Toro Rosso. Then he became a race engineer for Piere Gasly and is now appointed as a senior race engineer for Daniel Ricciardo.

7. BWT Alpine F1

Driver- Pierre Gasly

F1 Race Engineer- John Howard

John Howard has been working in Formula 1 for almost 13 years. This will be the first time that he will be working with Pierre Gasly as his race engineer. He completed his graduation in mechanical engineering and joined Renault as a performance engineer. Later on, he found himself in different job roles within the team. While Renault decided to rebrand himself as the Alpine F1 team, then John was promoted as a race engineer for Alonso and after Alonso's departure, he was paired with Pierre Galsy.

Driver- Esteban Ocon

F1 Race Engineer- Josh Peckett

Esteban Ocon met Josh Peckett when he was in his rookie season with the Manor F1 racing team in 2016. However, Josh was a race engineer to his teammate Pascal Wehrlein.  Josh started his F1 career 14 years ago when he was positioned as a performance engineer for Marussia in 2013. Later on, both Esteban Ocon and Josh reunited together in 2021 when he was appointed as a race engineer for Ocon.

8. Stake F1 Kick Sauber

Driver- Valtteri Bottas

F1 Race Engineer-  Steven Petrik

When Sauber departed Alex Chan from the position of a race engineer for different roles then Steven Petrik was appointed as the race engineer for Bottas for the 2024 season. Steven has a brilliant work portfolio under his belt as his experience counts as a performance engineer for 8 years at Ferrari and worked as a race engineer for Carlos Sainz Jr.

Driver- Zhou Guanyu

F1 Race Engineer- Andrea Benisi

Andrea Benisi is one of the new F1 race engineers who debuted with the Sauber F1 team. After completing his graduation he was selected as the performance engineer at Alfa Romeo Sauber F1 team in 2023. However, he has now moved up to being an F1 race engineer for the Chinese driver.

9. Williams F1 Racing

Driver- Alexander Albon

F1 Race Engineer- James Urwin

James Urwin started his career as a motorsport engineer in GP2 for the Super Nova Racing team. His first touch in F1 met when he got the opportunity to work as a performance engineer with Caterham Racing. In 2014 he joined Williams and to date he is still working as a race engineer for the team’s drivers.

Driver- Logan Sargeant

F1 Race Engineer- Gaetan Jego

Gaetan Jego is again one of the new faces in the F1 paddock but he has been working as a motorsport engineer for ART Grand Prix in its LMP1 racing series. He was once a technical director for the DTM Racing series. He joined Williams in 2019 as a race engineer for Nicholas Latifi and now working as a senior race engineer for Sergeant.

10. MoneyGram Haas F1

Driver - Nico Hulkenberg

F1 Race Engineer- Gary Gannon

Gary Gannon joined the F1 paddock in 2011. He then worked as the Marussia F1. After a few years of working with the team, Gary moved to Haas in 2015 when Marussia stepped down to continue as a team in F1. In Haas, he was appointed as a race engineer for Romain Grosjean, and now he is with Nico Hulkenberg for the 2024 season. 

Driver- Kevin Magnussen

F1 Race Engineer- Mark Slade

Mark Slade is one of the most experienced F1 race engineers currently working in the F1 paddock. After his graduation was over he immediately joined McLaren and then moved to Renault. He had a wonderful experience with the best F1 racers of all time. During his 18 years in F1, he was able to work with Michael Schumacher, Mika Haikken, and Kimi Raikkonen. He once retired in 2020 but re-joined the sport with Haas as a race engineer to Kevin.

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