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Fuel Your Passion: A Guide To Career Options In Formula 1

Unleash your passion for F1! Discover various career options in Formula 1. Discover 10+ F1 careers you never knew existed! From engineering marvels to strategic minds, find your perfect fit.

Utsav Chaudhary
Last updated: 21.05.2024
Jobs In Formula 1

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Formula 1 is not just about the fastest cars and skilled racing drivers. It’s a way to experience global expertise on and off the track. Many would think that high-octane moto racing needs only a racer as a career. But, in motorsport racing and Formula 1, there is a possibility to experience a variety of jobs and craftsmanship. Formula 1 is one of the fastest-growing motorsports in the world and with the fastest cars comes the biggest and challenging responsibility. The responsibility for being an employee of the biggest motorsport realm.

F1 is a high-class competitive motorsport event globally. Being a motorsport event, it is a volatile business venture too. With affiliate marketing, F1 tries to fuel every individual to get behind the scenes and escalate themselves with high-profile jobs. From engineers to racing team managers, F1 yields one of the most prestigious jobs on earth. In this article, we will discover a wide range of jobs and careers that you can explore and choose wisely for the future.

Types Of Jobs In F1

If you are passionate about cars and racing then F1 is a perfect gateway into reality. There are various roles that an individual can look after and pursue his or her career in the motorsport team. Some can build cars and some can fix cars. Moreover, some can guide and some can promote racing. If you love F1 you love racing, Let us delve into some of the opportunities you can choose to be into the racing adrenaline suited for you.


1. Engineering Job Roles:

Qualifications- Must Have an Engineering Degree. A Mechanical & Motorsport Engineering Degree Is a Must

Formula 1 is all about tech and innovation. Building and configuring the cars for different races around different tracks is the role of engineers and mechanics. A variety of job opportunities are there if you want to work in F1 and have a degree from an engineering background.

But different engineers have different job roles in the same department. See, being an engineer is not everything, you need to adapt and justify your skills in different so that you can master yourself in a particular field. Different categories involved different engineers both on the track and off the track. So let us unveil different engineering job roles and what work they need when designated with the F1 team.

Different Engineering Jobs

Work Description

Race Engineer

Responsibilities during race weekends, building communication with the driver


Helps in designing and testing race cars and studying how air flows around race cars.

Vehicle Dynamics Engineer

Works on CFD, CAD, and stimulation to optimize vehicle performance and handling.

Power Unit Engineer

Developing and managing the power unit engine (hybrid and electrical system).


Set up and maintain the assembly of the car. Repair and service the car during race weekends.

All these jobs play a vital role in Formula 1 and every engineering department is essential because engineers are responsible for working on the car. If you are from an engineering background you can apply for the following roles.

*But remember to be an aerodynamicist you should have a strong command of aerodynamics and must have an aerospace engineering degree.

2. Technical Job Roles:

Qualifications- Must Have Engineering Degree For Technical Job/Master can also apply/ Experience in CFD and other design tools designers can apply

Technical job roles are something different than engineering job roles. It requires engineering too but not on the car directly. People who are working in the technical department serve in different and elongated fields with the racing team. The following jobs are the ones that you might be interested in pursuing in F1 as your career.

Technical Job Roles

Work Description

Data Analyst 

Analyzing the data to improve car performance.

Data Scientists

Develop and collect data on the car to study the variations from different race tracks.

Simulation Engineers

Develop computer models to stimulate and design car structure and behavior to predict the outcome before and after the race.

Composite Technician

Experts in making lightweight and strong car parts using advanced material science.

Pit Crew Members

Responsible for working on the car once pitted during the race.

Students from various engineering fields can apply. Designers who are pursuing Transportation engineering and are well-versed in simulation programs can be applicable for the job. These were the jobs that were meant for engineers and designers. Some jobs are also available for nontechnical roles. We will now move into a few such jobs that you might be interested in choosing as your career.

3. Marketing Job Roles:

Qualifications- Must Have A Degree In Business Studies/ Masters & PhD candidates can also apply.

Many companies expand because of a good marketing team. Similarly, F1 has a good marketing department. Therefore students from Mass & Communications backgrounds can be a part of such job roles. It is one of the biggest non-technical roles in the world of Formula 1 where good communication and persona can make you a better contender in marketing fields. Choose your department and make yourself into a gateway of the motorsport PR team.

Different Marketing Jobs

Work Description

Marketing Executive

Must be responsible to be working in the factory or by the race track, for day-to-day marketing activities and promotions.

Social Media Managers

Responsible for producing and managing content for the teams via official media channels.

Event Manager

Works with the marketing team to promote racing events globally and engage with broadcasting channels.


Worked as a marketing agent and attracted sponsors and business deals for the team’s global image.


Responsible for taking images and engaging with the fans through digital platforms.

This job requires media and business studies as a profession. One with a good photography portfolio can pursue the job role of official photographer for any motorsport team.

4. Non-Technical Job Roles:

Qualifications- Must Have A Good Media Studies Degree & Good Communication Skills/Candidates from Physiology Can Also Apply to various HR Departments.

Formula 1 has various non-technical job roles in the routes. If you want to be part of some of the non-tech roles then you must look at what matches your interests and skills. However, there are various non-technical jobs to choose from.

Non-Technical Jobs Roles

Work Description

Financial Accountant

Manages various roles in the finance department.

HR Managers

Responsible for the overall management of employees within the organization.


Responsible for the health and management of staff and drivers.


Works for marshaling during the race weekends.

Network Engineers

Build connections with the people to the staff and track promoters.

All the above job roles are no longer associated with the technical background. This job most deals with customer relationships and talent acquisition. So with good communication skills and  Media Studies, one can enroll themselves for the opportunity ahead.

5. Media & Communication Job Roles:

Qualifications-  Journalism and PR Degrees are a must

Formula 1 teams are both regulated and monitored by the media and the FIA. Every driver has their personnel for communications while interviewing after the post-race show. People with strong communication skills and initiative passion can be a central focus regarding this job. There are a variety of job opportunities to work in media and communications in F1.

Media Job Roles

Work Description

Broadcast Journalist

Engage with the latest news and live reporting from the tracks and events.

Press Officer

Responsible for good public relations with journalists and maintaining dignity during a press conference

Communication Executives

Helps to create and implement strategic marketing communications and campaigns.

All these jobs are looked after by the Head Of Communications. Any person who has strong customer inter-personnel relations in management and studies can be the rightful to be positioned for this job. Being a people’s voice is something that can make you a responsible candidate.

6. Hospitality Job Roles:

Qualifications-  Must Have A Degree In Home Science & Performing Arts/ Good With Leisure and Tourism adaptability

Traveling globally for various race events, many job roles are available in the world of Formula 1 racing. If you have a passion for travel and tourism and help in planning and managing the events well, then you must find yourself with the hospitality programs during race weekends. The following job roles exist inside the hospitality department.

Hospitality Job Roles

Work Description

Catering Staff

Chefs, serving staff all those who are responsible for a better lifestyle and fed management in the paddock.


Responsible to greet and look after the team members in the team paddock.

Hospitality Supervisors

Who manages the whole hospitality organization for the team?


Building and running the hospitality facility within the paddock.

The hospitality sector is one of the fastest sectors that is growing in Formula 1. As more and more races are taking place in a single season. More people are required onboard to build up a strong foundation for the individual racing team. Different racing teams have their cuisine, luxurious and experienced span of hospitality.

7. Travel & Logistics Job Roles:

Qualifications- Must Have A Degree In Project Planning/Experience with goods and services

Formula 1 has one of the best travel partners DHL which is responsible for the goods and services of the team. From building the paddock from scratch and loading the fastest cars on the planet. DHL ensures everything is posted at the right moment in time. This is one of the toughest jobs as it deals with pressure and employees work under serious deadlines. A few roles you might look after are as follows-

Travel & Logistics Jobs

Work Description

Logistics Coordinator

Responsible for shipping all parts and the car's equipment globally.

Travel Coordinator

Responsible for booking the flights, and hotels for the team members during the pre-race weekends.

More jobs are available in the IT sectors and finance but all are non-technical job roles. All honorable mentioned jobs are the most popular jobs in Formula 1. What job do you prefer while joining F1, tell us in the comment below.

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