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How to become an F1 Pit Crew Member: Skills, Salary and Career Path

Want to become an F1 pit crew member? This guide explores the essential roles, qualifications, skills, and salary to join the elite world of F1 pit stops.

Utsav Chaudhary
Last updated: 03.07.2024
How To Become An F1 Pit Crew Member

Box, Box, Box this lap, it only means one thing in F1. Yes, it's a pit stop calling. In Formula 1, the role of a pit crew member is essentially as important as that of a driver or a race engineer. These members are the backbone of any Formula 1 team. In F1, the driver and the engineers might take up the championship or praise but pit crew members are the unsung heroes of F1. They play a very essential role in the outcome of a race. Being a pit crew member is not an easy job as most of the race outcomes come from the disparity in configuration of the Formula 1 team.


A good pit stop may result in a winning element that puts the particular team at the top of the points table or even can bring them a podium finish. Similarly, a poorly executed pitstop may cause a loss of a few quiet places on the grid. These members are an integral part of the F1 machinery and after drivers and engineers, they are the pivot trinity for making a Formula 1 team successful. If you are excited to become a part of the sensational group, then you are in the right place to kick off your journey as an F1 pit crew member.

Role of a F1 Pit Crew Members

F1 Pit Crew in action
F1 Pit Crew in action

F1 pit crew members play a vital role in winning the race. The main motive for being an F1 pit crew member is to perform several sets of actions and pit stops during the races. The set of actions here means that there might be several chances involving servicing an F1 car as quickly as possible as it may affect the race time. Sometimes being an F1 pit crew member, you may need to repair the damaged part of the F1 car before the actual race begins.


Moreover, during the qualifying session, Pit crew members are responsible for preparing the racing car of team’s respective drivers. Most of these members are mechanics who can perform several actions within a given time. But in F1 every second counts. So if you are a pit stop member then you must do all the essential changes of the car within seconds. Let us break down the different roles assigned to the different F1 pit crew members:

  • Chief Mechanic/ Crew Chief:  A crew chief is the captain or the leader of the F1 pit crew members. He is responsible for managing and directing his members in the work assigned and executing the operations during pit stops.

  • Refueling Person:  In the past F1 races, there was a pit crew member who was responsible for refueling the car during pit stops. This refueling was to be executed within seconds during the pit stops but sometimes accidents occur at the pit stop arena, so by the latest regulations refueling of an F1 car is banned.

  • Wing Men ( Front and Rear Wing Adjusters): These pit crew members often make quick aerodynamic changes or adjustments if required during the race. Sometimes a driver lost its front wing during the race. So when doing a pit stop the front wingmen attach a new front wing of the car to improve its aerodynamic efficiency. Similarly, works for the rear wing adjuster.

  • Starter Man:  Its main job is to ensure a proper pit stop is executed by the other pit crew members. They hold a portable starter device when the car needs to stall for the actual pitstop so that no incident happens while the pit stop is being conducted.

  • Jack Operators ( Front and Rear):  They both are responsible for lifting the F1 car during the pitstop to change the tires. They use hydraulic jacks to lift the car. The front jack operator is often called a lollipop man as he used to signal the driver of a safe release.

  • Tyre Changers: In F1 time is crucial and competition is the pit stop. To save time, the team recruits four different tire changers one for each wheel. They use pneumatic wheel guns to remove and replace the wheel nuts.

  • Tyre Carriers: As tire changers, 4 different tyre carriers work in pairs. They are responsible for removing the old tyres and replacing them with new ones.

  • Fire Extinguishers Operator: One of the pit crew members stands aside ready with a fire extinguisher in case of any mishappenings.

  • Stabilizers: Hold the car steady during the pit stop and ensure the car does not move while being serviced.

  • Pit Controller: He is the one who controls all the actions that occur during the entire pit stop sessions. He also plays a major role in communicating with the driver and race engineers.

All these roles require physical endurance to maintain strength and stamina. With excellent teamwork and coordination, the perfect pit stop can occur during the race.

How To Become An F1 Pit Crew Member?

To become an F1 pit crew member, there are no such limitations to joining the prestigious motorsport racing. If you are an aspirant who has been studying physics, science, and mathematics, you can easily become an F1 pit crew member. However, some points should be kept in mind before you opt for yourself as a mechanic in the pit crew.


  • A degree in mechanical engineering or automotive engineering is often preferred as a mainstream subject to enroll in any motorsport job.

  • An In-depth understanding of race car mechanics and aerodynamics is a must. As a fresher, you can join small racing leagues such as go-karting, F2 and F3 races.

  • Most of the jobs of pit crew members are mechanically challenged and also in excellent physical condition. Strength, agility, and stamina are all important.


  • To become a part of the F1 pit crew member is it necessary to acquire skills that enhance your career as an F1 crew mechanic. You should have the ability to diagnose and solve quickly in mechanical issues.

  • An exceptional ability to work as part of a team. Even you have to work in high-stress situations. As a member of the F1 pit crew member, you have to adopt quick decision-making skills.

  • Even as a rookie, you must have a meticulous approach to work.

What is The Salary of an F1 Pit Crew Member?

With knowledge and skills, you as an F1 pit crew member can earn from $30,000 to $1,000,000 pa. This remuneration is based on the skills and experience you gained during times. From the Pit Crew chief to the jackman, every individual plays an important role during the pitstop. Let's break down the remuneration the members get as pit stop mechanics,

Salary Structure of F1 Pit Crew Member:

According to Sports Rush, the following is the estimated salary disclosure of an F1 Pit crew member as per the contract from the respective teams.

Pit Crew Member

Per Race Payment

Annual Salary

Race Winning Bonus

Crew Chief


$1 million


Refueling Person




Tyre Charges




Tyre Carriers




Jack Men




Wing Men








Starter Man




Fire Extinguisher




How To Begin Your Career As An F1 Pit Crew Member?

For those who want to work as an F1 pit crew mechanic, a technical degree in common fields like science, automobile engineering, and technological abilities is probably necessary. Conversely, though, earning a degree opens up more opportunities. Several respected universities offer degrees in motorsport engineering and aeronautical engineering, which can help you progress in your profession as an F1 aerodynamicist.


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