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Top 5 Most Followed F1 Drivers on Instagram

In this article, we will take a look at the most followed F1 drivers on Instagram. Lewis Hamilton is currently the most followed F1 Driver on Instagram. He has 3 times more followers than the number 2.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 17.10.2023
Most Followed F1 Drivers on Instagram

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Just like Tennis, Formula 1 is also one of the most popular global sports and it has gained a lot more popularity in the past 5-6 years ever since the Netflix special Drive to Survive and the US has opened its doors to Formula 1 and there are a total of 3 races throughout the year in that nation Alone and a total of 24 races throughout the world. The Formula 1 Drivers are some of the most popular athletes because they are the same every year and the fans get used to seeing them.

So, let’s talk about the Top 5 Most Followed Formula 1 Drivers on Instagram.

1) Lewis Hamilton – 34.9 Million

Lewis Hamilton is currently the most followed F1 Driver on Instagram. He has 3 times more followers than the number 2 which tells everyone how popular Lewis Hamilton has been in the history of this sport. He has won 7 World Championships in a row and is tied with Michael Schumacher and he will get more followers with every race and he will reach 35 Million Followers soon. Lewis Hamilton best moments are numerous as he won 103 Grand Prix.



2) Charles Leclerc – 12.5 Million

At number 2 is the Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc and he has a loyal fan base even though he has not won a World Championship. He is one of the youngest drivers as well and he is one of them who is primed to become a World Champion soon and he will soon reach 12 Million Followers on Instagram and the hope is that he matches it with the performances on the race tracks.


3) Max Verstappen – 10.6 Million

It is a bit surprising that Max Verstappen is below Charles Leclerc just because he is on his way to winning his 3rd World Championship in a row and he is in the Red Bull team which is one of the must popular teams in Formula 1. Max Verstappen has his fan following which has been growing year after year but he has also has his haters who do not like him and they want to see him lose. Max Verstappen should get to 11 Million Followers In a few months.


4) Daniel Ricciardo – 8.7 Million

Just like Charles Leclerc, Daniel Ricciardo is one of those drivers who is very likeable and everyone loves him and the recent news of him being back in Formula 1 for AlphaTauri surely has increased his following by a few hundred thousand and now he is just a few away from 9 million followers and If he does well in his comeback then he will get there quicker. He would look to prove to his fans that he is one of the best and he would also like to get a seat in the Red Bull from 2025.


5) Carlos Sainz – 7.9 Million

At number 5 is the second driver from Ferrari which is Carlos Sainz and he is also one of those drivers that has a big fan following because firstly he is a driver of the list popular Formula 1 team which is Ferrari and secondly he has won a few races and he is having a good season in 2023 and the followers are increasing and now he is the number 5 most followed Formula 1 Driver on Instagram which is almost 2 million more than Sergio Perez who is a much more accomplished driver. He would love to win a World Championship in the future.


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