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Top Sports Competitions with biggest Prize Money in the World

Sports events generate a lot of revenue due to huge TV deals, media rights, sponsorships, etc. As sports move forward, the money grows. Here we take a look at the top sports events with the highest prize money.

Last updated: 11.05.2021
Top Sports Competitions with biggest Prize Money in the World

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The whole sports business industry is powered by money at the moment. Money controls everything and everyone in the sports world and it is one of the fundamental supporters of pretty much every deal or contract that completes. The sports industry is increasingly becoming a big-money business. Television rights, advertisements, sponsorship deals are one of the prime reasons for the industry booming.

Fan-based revenue is likely the best kind of revenue generated in all sports and it will keep on driving the business however long sports are near. This has made the industry very lucrative, business-wise and entertainment-wise. Some of the top-level athletes are millionaires and some are even billionaires, because of their endorsements. Football, Formula 1, Baseball, American Football, Golf, Basketball, Tennis are some of the sports that generate the most revenue and have huge prize money. 

We are going to take a look at the top sports competitions which have the biggest prize money.


1. UEFA Champions League – Football

Prize money pool - $2.4 billion

Winners Prize money – Around $100 million

The UEFA Champions League (called UCL) is a yearly club football competition coordinated by the UEFA (Union of European Football Associations) and participated by top-tier European clubs, qualifying through top division national league. The Champions League winner is decided by a group stage and then knockout format. It is perhaps the most renowned football competition on the planet. The winner of this season’s Champions League is set to get around $100 million.

2. Formula 1 – MotorSport

Prize money pool - $800 million

Winners Prize money – Around $100 million

Formula 1 is the top-tier international auto racing for single-seater racing cars sanctioned by FIA (Federation Internationale de l’Automobile). One Formula One season consists of various Grand Prix which happens in various circuits around the world. Lewis Hamilton is the driver’s champion and Mercedes is the constructor’s champion currently. Formula generates around a billion as revenue and top teams earn around $100 million.

3. FIFA World Cup – Football

Prize money pool - $576 million

Winners Prize money - $35 million

FIFA World Cup is the biggest and most important football tournament in the world. It is one of the most-watched events in the world. It is contested by 32 teams from FIFA’s member associations, who qualify for the final tournament. It happens every four years. Brazil is the most successful team on the international stage. They have won five World Cups (highest). The last FIFA World Cup had around a $576 million prize money pool for all participating teams. The winner, France got $35 million as prize money.

4. UEFA Euros – Football

Prize money pool - $245 million

Winners Prize money - $29 million

UEFA Euro is the top-tier national tournament in Europe. Only teams that are members of UEFA participate in the tournament through qualifiers. 24 teams participate in the competition in a group and knockout format. Germany and Spain are the most successful teams in this competition with three titles each. Portugal are the current champion of the competition.

5. World Series – Major League Baseball

Prize money pool - $80 million

Winners Prize money – Around $30 million

The World Series is the yearly title championship of Major League Baseball (MLB) in the United States and Canada, between the top dog groups of the American League and the National League. The victor of the World Series title is resolved through a best-of-seven-season finisher, and the triumphant group is given the Commissioner's Trophy. It has been contested since 1903 and the most recent champion is Los Angeles Dodgers. The prize pool for the players was around $80 million, of which the champion team got around $30 million.

Top 10 sports events with the highest prize money:




Prize pool

Winner’s prize


UEFA Champions League


$2 billion

$100 million


Formula One


$800 million

$100 million


FIFA World Cup


$576 million

$35 million




$245 million

$29   million


World Series (MLB)


$80 million

$30 million


UEFA Europa League


$510 million

$28 million


Super Bowl



$11 million


FedEx Cup


$35 million

$10 million


World Series Poker


$62 million

$10 million




$45 million

$ 3.9 million

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