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10 Must-Read Books for Every F1 Fanatic: Drivers, Teams, History & Tech

Uncover the world of Formula 1 with our curated list of the top 10 books! Explore driver biographies, team secrets, historical insights & cutting-edge engineering explained. Become an F1 expert - learn from the best!

Utsav Chaudhary
Last updated: 11.05.2024
Formula 1 Must Read Books

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Formula 1 is one of the greatest motorsport events on earth. With 10 drivers driving across the globe, it draws the dynamic attention of viewers from every nation. There is no denying that F1 looks spectacular on a 90-inch screen, but if you want to get closer to the sport and make yourself feel the adrenaline rush, then you must get yourself occupied by the F1 books written especially for F1 nerds. These books are not just for the racing fans but the ones who are new to the sport can also read and get themselves into a plethora of motorsport racing.

These books are so interesting that they cover every aspect of Formula 1 from the inside. Many curated authors have penned down these books as documentation that revolves around the drivers, the cars, teams, and technology that shaped the realm of F1 racing. Some books also showcase the life and journey of the driver to be in F1 and reflect behind the scenes of the paddock and the engineering excellence of the pit crews and mechanics in the books. In this article, we will deal with a few famous notations documented as F1 books to be an F1 nerd.

As a fan of motorsport, I have covered some of the classical books that every F1 fan must read to understand the realm of life behind the F1 racing. These books can be more but I have covered my top 10 honorable mentions so that they cover every aspect of drama, emotion, and adrenaline just like F1. If you are like me, a die-hard fan of F1 then these books might be for you.


10. F1 Mavericks: The Men And The Machines That Revolutionized Formula 1 Racing

( Author- Pete Biro, George Levy)

F1 Mavericks is one of the most fascinating books that describe the classical era of F1 Racing. This book represents the period of 1960 to 1982 when F1 was growing as motorsport king and saw many technological changes. This book covers the interviews of a few iconic drivers at that time such as Graham Hill, Niki Lauda, Jim Clark, Jack Brabham, and many more. To capture the reader’s mind, the photos used in this book are the ones that were taken by racing photographers of that time. It also shed the life and realm of designers and engineers who were behind crafting these beautiful machines.

9. Grand Prix: Fascination Formula 1

(Author- Rainer W Schlegelmilch and Hartmut Lehbrink)

One of the most prominent books for an F1 nerd. This book should be read by everyone who is a newbie to F1 racing. Documented by F1 fan for the F1 fan, this book is aimed at people who want to get connected to racing. The book thrives with the luxurious life of F1 and beyond. The author tries to give a comprehensive view of the inside sport and intrinsic technicalities of being an engineer in F1. I would recommend this book who want to get in-depth with motorsport life and explore the sport from ground zero to the excited state.

8. Life To The Limit- Jenson Button: My Autobiography

(Author- Jenson Button)

This book might be special for some fans. It gives insight into Jenson Button’s life and what he had achieved in the realm of Formula 1 racing. This book is written by the man himself and gives the central theme of how the life of an F1 driver changes after winning the world championship. Jenson tries to explain what difficulties he faced in his early days in F1 and how his relationship with his father developed race after race, who played an important role in his F1 career. If you are a Jenson Button fan, then I would suggest you read it and understand what life is like when getting behind the wheel in F1.

7. The Mechanic: The Secret World Of The F1 Pitlane

(Author- Marc Elvis Priestley)

This book is one of my favorites. Guys, one of the most promising books ever written on the life of mechanics and pit crews working for an F1 team. The book is written by none other than Marc Priestley, who was an F1 mechanic for the McLaren Racing team. The narrator emphasizes in the reader’s mind that everyone talks about the team and the racer but no one talks about the heroes behind the team. Pistop crews and mechanics are the unsung heroes that hide behind the rise and shine of the racers. If you are interested in the glimpse of engineering then I would recommend this book. It gives a deep appreciation of f1’s pitlane members and their teamwork that plays a crucial role in winning the race.

6. Formula One- The Champions: 70 Years Of Legendary F1 Drivers

(Author- Maurice Hamilton)

F1 is the pinnacle of motorsport racing. With an enriched history of more than 75 years of racing only 34 men have been crowned as F1 World Championship title. How cruel, isn’t it but it is true. Legendary F1 commentator Maurice Hamilton and award-winning motorsport photographer Bernard Cahier have deep-dived into the life and fame of all iconic world championship drivers to date. This book covers the spectacular life and career of all 34 drivers who are the undisputed F1 kings from each era and sheds about the cars and their technological engineering both on the as well as off the track.

5. Formula 1 Technology: The Engineering Explained

(Author- Steve Rendle)

If you are a die-hard fan of F1, then you might be a nerd about the science and technology of race engineering. Formula 1 is a sport where men and machines push limits to win the race. F1 is all about technological advancements and designing new cars to beat its competitors. This book dissects every possible way to understand the science and engineering of modern F1 cars. How do rear wings work, what is DRS, and how is it beneficial in racing? This interesting topic is well written and documented in simple words so that a sports enthusiast would also read and understand properly these engineering illustrations with well-handed diagrams.

4. Formula One Circuits From Above- Vol 2

(Author- Bruce Jones)

This book depicts the famous tracks of different nations. With the latest edition as Volume 2,  the book covers over 28 different tracks of F1 around the globe. From Yas Marina to Silverstone and the graveyard of racing as in Nurburgring. This book is only for the fans as it showcases real satellite images of F1 tracks providing every possible approach to the design and development of F1 tracks. This book is for those who want a closer look at these tracks and have not been able to travel to these locations during race weekends.

3. How To Build A Car: Autobiography Of World’s Greatest F1 Designer

(Author- Adrian Newey)

This book is the one that every F1 fan has purchased and read once in their lifetime. The book is written by the man himself, the legend Adrian Newey. He is one of the greatest F1 designers that the sport has ever seen. This book consists of the years of hard work and excellence that Newey made in his 35-year career in Formula 1. The car design by him won 11 constructor titles in total with different teams. The book is one of the bestsellers F1 books that every F1 fan has read. It tells the life story of Adrian Newey, his education, and the journey of F1. This book also provides information for those who want to start their career as a car designer in F1.

2. Driven The Men Who Made Formula One

(Author- Kevin Eason)

Written by Kevin Eason who himself was an F1 fan. The book depicts the journey of the men who made F1 a safer sport off the track. The book focuses on the growth and expansion of Formula One on the world stage. It also covers the life and journey of Bernie Ecclestone, who was responsible for the broadcasting rights of F1 across the globe. Moreover, the writer also tries to cover the business deals and investments for the F1 teams and how the brand keeps itself on track. This book is more of a business standard than generating an interest for a newbie.

1. Formula 1: The Official History

(Author- Maurice Hamilton)

One of the most recommended books for F1 fans. This book tells the story of how F1 came into the world, and when was held for the first time. With the new and latest revised edition more new drivers’s journey and personnel opinions have been added to keep updated with the current stats. Every chapter tells different stories about the cars, drivers, and marshals. It also covers the greatest livery and the tragic incidents that occur in the history of F1. If you are new to F1, then you must read this book once in a while to upkeep the glorified life of F1.

How many books did you read from the list? Did we miss some honorable mentions? Tell us in the comment below.

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