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What can the other teams learn from Mclaren in the Formula 1 Summer break?

Let’s talk about the learnings that the other teams can take from Mclaren.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 27.08.2023
What can the other teams learn from Mclaren in the Formula 1 Summer break

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The Formula 1 Summer break has ended and it will start after the race in Belgium this weekend and this gives a chance to all the teams to work on their cars and they can become better after the 4 week summer break. McClaren has suddenly shown great results and they have shown to the other teams that they can also get better if they just work on their car properly.

This Summer break will give the teams which are at the bottom a chance that they could work on their upgrades to the Cars and then they will be able to compete for the Top 5 teams in Formula 1. 

So, let’s talk about the learnings that the other teams can take from Mclaren:


Having confidence in the Drivers

Mclaren have shown a lot of confidence in their drivers be it Lando Norris or Oscar Piastri and this is the first season in Formula 1 for the young driver from Australia. He is one of the best young talents in Formula 1 and it will not be long before he starts winning races and Lando Norris is realising his true potential after many years of being mediocre. The other teams change their drivers so frequently and the recent example is AlphaTauri who just gave Nyck De Vries 10 races in total before deciding to end his Formula 1 career and they have brought back Daniel Ricciardo. Haas gave Mick Schumacher 1 full season and although he was not that great they decided to let him go and now he is helping Mercedes get better. So, the other teams should give their drivers more confidence during the summer break.

Having upgrades done on time

There are only a fixed set of upgrades that each team can do in a season and they have to be careful as to when they use those upgrades and it has to be said that Mclaren have upgraded their cars at the right time and it is paying rich dividends for their team as they are now finishing in the Top 3 on a regular basis. A team like Ferrari is not being able to beat Mclaren despite having much more resources and upgrades. Aston Martin is an example that when not to upgrade as they had their upgrades at the start of the season and it gave them great results at the start as Fernando Alonso was getting podium finishes in every race and now they are nowhere to be seen. So during the Summer break the teams that are left to work on their upgrades should do it to get higher in the standings and although their cars might not be as good as Red Bull they can still fight for the second best team.

Work on Team Strategies

This is an area of the race that the teams can control and this is a major part of every one of the races and it determines how high that team will finish in a race. An example of a team finishing lower on the table Simply due to bad team strategy is Ferrari who in the last few years have not been able to get any strategy right in every race and it has become a habit that they will make a fatal error which will cost them the race. A team like Mclaren these days has had an amazing team strategy because they know when to pit during the races and what tyre to put on the car and they communicate with the drivers. The other teams such as Haas, Aston Martin, Alfa Romeo, AlphaTauri etc during the summer break need to work on their team strategy so that they can give themselves the best possible chance to finish in the Top 10 and get points from each race.

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