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Top 5 Biggest Upsets in T20I World Cup 2022

In this article, Take a look here at top 5 biggest upsets in T20I World Cup 2022. In this T20I world cup, We saw so many big upsets in the tournament which made it very unpredictable.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 08.11.2022
Biggest Upsets in T20I World Cup 2022

Now that only the 2 semi final matches and the final of the T20I World Cup are left, let's talk about all the upsets that took place in this edition. This tournament saw upsets from all sides who were not fancied to do so. They were on an even playing field and thus the World Cup was the beneficiary of such big upsets because people would tune in to watch these lower ranked teams beating the high and mighty of cricket.

This T20I World Cup has been the best ever in its 15 year history because for the first time we saw so many big upsets in the tournament which made it very unpredictable and it continued till the last day of the Super 12s. The gap between the teams has started to reduce especially in the 20 overs format of the sport and this is great for the sport. Let’s look at the Top 5 Biggest Upsets of the T20I World Cup.

Netherlands beat South Africa by 13 Runs

This was by far the most significant upset of the World Cup and it just happened yesterday as the stage was set for South Africa to win this match and go to the semi final but what happened was shocking. Netherlands made 158 runs in 20 overs and while chasing the total South Africa lost their way and we’re unable to get any momentum. The catch of David Miller by Roelof Van Der Merwe was the turning point of the match and in the end South Africa lost the match by 13 Runs and wee knocked out of the World Cup.

Zimbabwe beat Pakistan by 1 run

This was a thriller of a match and this happened early in the tournament as Pakistan restricted Zimbabwe to 130 runs and they needed only 231 runs and Pakistan were in a good position but then what happened was shocking as they lost wickets one after the other and ultimately they lost the match by 1 run and at that time it was supposed to be their exit ticket from the tournament but destiny had other plans.

Ireland best England by 5 runs via DLS method

This was also a huge upset in this World Cup as everybody expected England to beat Ireland and gain momentum. What happened in the match was totally different as Ireland made 157 in 20 overs and England was going well and later they lost a lot of Wickets and when the rain came in the 15th over till then they were 5 runs behind the score needed and Ireland got a famous win.

Namibia best Sri Lanka by 55 runs

This was the first of the Qualifying Matches and we saw a big upset at the hands of Namibia as they crushed Sri Lanka by 55 runs in their match. While batting first Namibia made a good score of 163 in 20 overs and when Sri Lanka came to bat they never found any momentum and lost wickets at regular intervals and as a result when the match was over they lost by a whopping 55 runs.

Scotland beat West Indies by 42 Runs

The last big upset that we will talk about in this World Cup is the one where Scotland beat West Indies by 42 runs and this was a shock because nobody expected that. Scotland made 160 while batting first and when West Indies came to chase they lost wickets so easily and found no answer to the disciplined bowling by Scotland and in the they lost the match by 42 Runs.

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