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Alexa Bliss - A journey from nothing to superstardom

Alexa Bliss is the perfect example of how to evolve in a long journey in a company to the point where she has become one of the top female superstars in WWE now. A look at the journey of Alexa Bliss till now and look ahead to the future.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 19.01.2022
Alexa Bliss A journey from nothing to superstardom

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Alexa Bliss is the perfect example of how to evolve in a long journey in a company to the point where she has become one of the top female superstars in WWE now and her character has been constantly evolving and the fans are loving it and her segments on the slow are among the most viewed in the show. Her journey from NXT until this point is an inspiration for many others who think that they don’t have a future in the thing they love.

Alexa Bliss has had a 7 year journey so far from the early NXT days since 2013 and she was has got better as a wrestler and as a performer over the years and that’s a testament to her greatness as a performer and the fact that she is only 30 years old and has a lot of years left ahead of her is staggering to think the amount of success she will accomplish at the end of her career. Let’s take a look at the journey of Alexa Bliss till now and look ahead to the future.

NXT Journey


Alexa Bliss was in NXT from 2014-16 and it is safe to say that she was not among the top females in the NXT locker room. She was like a live action Barbie doll in NXT and she wasn’t a great wrestler but she was w good promo and that kept her from being fired. There’s no doubt that her journey in NXT must have been really frustrating at times but it looks like she had the belief in herself that when she moves to the main roster then she will show everyone what she is made of and become one of the best in the world. So, it was just a matter of getting better at wrestling and honing the craft of promos and she was all set. And then came her breakout moment when she was drafted to SmackDown in the last stages of the draft and this also had to hurt her and she would be more determined.

Becoming the Goddess

Ever since the time she was drafted to SmackDown, her fortunes started to change and she was made a heel and this heel personality suited her so well and she gave great promos to build up a match and her wrestling had also improved very much and now she was going up and up. She changed her character to the goddess of WWE and instantly she won the SmackDown Women’s championship and she became the first woman to win it twice. In 2017, she was shifted to Raw and there also success followed her and she became the first female to win both the Raw and the SmackDown women’s titles and in total she would win 5 titles and she would have great matches against the likes of Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, Nia Jax, Asila etc. A career highlight for Alexa Bliss was the first ever Women’s Elimination chamber match where she was in a 6 woman match for the title and she managed to win the match and create history. Her title reigns would not stop here as she and Nikki Cross would win the WWE Women’s tag team titles for 2 times and she was among the few females to win both the singles titles and the tag titles as well.

Working with Fiend and becoming Supernatural Alexa

After she and Nikki Cross reached the end of their tag team run, she would go on in a completely new direction as she would be paired with the Fiend Bray Wyatt and that story was built very slowly and nicely and the fans were intrigued in it . She became very powerful while teaming with him and in his absence used to torment Randy Orton and the other female superstars in WWE. After WrestleMania, she left the Fiend and did her solo thing with Lily and that run was getting stake and she needed rest so she took a break from September 2021 .

Looking ahead to the future

The future looks very bright for Alexa Bliss as she is rumoured to be in big plans going forward to WrestleMania 38 and beyond and new vignettes are being aired on Raw every week and it is likely that she will return to in ring action at the Royal Rumble and she is the betting favorite to win the match and main event WrestleMania. She is also among the top merch sellers for WWE so that also will keep her at the top of the card at all times. It is exciting for her fans going forward.

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