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The EST of WWE - Bianca Belair

Bianca Belair is one of the most impressive wrestlers in the current roster considering the limited number of years she has been wrestling. Let’s look at the journey that made Bianca Belair the EST of WWE.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 05.01.2022
The EST of WWE Bianca Belair

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Bianca Belair is one of the most impressive wrestlers in the current roster considering the limited number of years she has been wrestling. Her progress over the years has been absolutely incredible and she has become one of the biggest stars of WWE in half the number of years most wrestlers take. She has yet to hit her peak which is scary to think about how great she will become.

Bianca Belair started only 5 years ago at the WWE performance center and she stood out among all the athletes that were there at that time. Her wrestling journey started in 2017 and since then she hasn’t looked back. So, let’s look at the journey that made Bianca Belair the EST of WWE.

Performance center


Normally we don’t talk about the performance center journey of a wrestler but when a female trainee starts outdoing her male counterparts in every department and stands out among all the extremely talented and young wrestlers there. There used to be videos on the WWE YouTube channel that showed her doing different kinds of routines and learning the wrestling  so quickly and dominating everyone on the PC. She was early on pushed as a top tier talent and given an opportunity in the Mae Young Classic.

Mae Young Classic

In the May Young Classic in 2017, the WWE universe saw Bianca Belair wrestling for the first time abs she was very impressive from the get go, other wrestlers who were of her experience were not as good as her but unfortunately she got injured midway through the tournament and her journey in the tournament ended but she had made an impression and then her NXT journey started.

NXT journey

The NXT journey of Bianca Belair was different from everyone else as she was undefeated for so many matches. She used to dominate her opponents as she kept notching up wins and raising her stock in the Women’s division of NXT. After a few months of improvement and becoming a much mature wrestler, she was starting to get big opportunities against the bigger names like Asuka, Shayna Baszler etc and she shine in all of those matches to the point she even got the NXT Women’s title shot against Shayna multiple times but wasn’t successful , however everyone had seen enough to realise that she was meant for much bigger things so she was moved to the main roster.

The dream year that was 2021

The year that just went by 2021, it was the defining year In the young career of Bianca Belair and she was in top gear from the starting of the year as she gave a standout performance in the Royal Rumble and lasted 57 minutes to win her first Royal Rumble and earn a title shot in the main event of WrestleMania. She was in the big leagues by then and by that time her promo work even got better and she was a total package and kept on winning matches and building momentum to the biggest match of her life against the best in Sasha Banks. The night of WrestleMania came and in the main event she was Full of emotion before the match started but then it wax all business as she and Sasha Banks delivered a masterclass in professional wrestling and by winning the SmackDown women’s title she became one of the greats and from there it was no looking back and her rivalry with Bayley was amazing as it solidified her reign.

Looking ahead to the future

Bianca Belair has a bright future is the understatement of the year as she hasn’t even hit her peak yet and she has achieved so much. Now it’s about consolidating the momentum from 2021 and becoming a 2 time in everything she does and be counted amongst the greatest women of WWE. The ceiling is so high that there is no roof and all the fans will be eagerly waiting to see what the EST of WWE does going forward.

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