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Top 5 Best Matches of The Rock

The Rock is one of the most popular WWE superstars of all time. He was also a really good professional wrestler and his promo work was one of the best of all time. Check out his top 5 best matches.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 01.12.2021
Best Matches of The Rock

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The Rock is one of the most popular WWE superstars of all time. He was also a really good professional wrestler and his promo work was one of the best of all time. He had many memorable and classic matches against a variety of opponents which showed his versatility as an in ring performer.

The Rock is one performer who transcended the professional wrestling business and became the biggest movie star in the world as well. His popularity has helped WWE greatly and he is also one of the most athletic wrestlers. Let’s see which are the top 5 Best Matches in his illustrious career.

1. The Rock vs Stone Cold Steve Austin (WrestleMania 17): 


This is the easiest choice as the match with Stone Cold at WrestleMania 17 is widely regarded as The Rock’s best match in his WWE career. The build up to this match was amazing as both superstars kept one upping each other and pushing each other to their absolute limits. Fittingly this headlined the show and both Rock and Austin had a fast paced match with great wrestling, even better character work and many false finishes which kept the viewers hooked throughout. The slow build to Austin’s heel turn at the end was expertly done and shockingly Austin won the match with the help of his arch nemesis Vince McMahon and it was a match the fans will never forget.


2. The Rock vs Kurt Angle vs The Undertaker (Vengeance 2002): 

This match between these Three Icons was one of the best triple threat matches of all time. Featuring Three legends at their prime this match was destined to be great. The best thing was each one of them hit the other person’s finishing moves on the other and that kept people hooked throughout. It was also one of the best nights professionally for The Rock as he became the Undisputed WWE champion and cemented his legacy.

3. The Rock vs Triple H (Judgement Day 2000): 

This match is widely regarded as the best match in the legendary Triple H vs Rock rivalry. This is the way one does an Iron man match in WWE. Both wrestlers pushed each other to the absolute limit and we’re brutal towards each other. This match also saw great wrestling, many close pinfall attempts and constant action throughout and it made the fans fall in love with it.


4. The Rock vs Hollywood Hogan (WrestleMania 18): 

Firstly let it be clear that this match is not a technical wrestling masterpiece but the sheer emotion and the scale of the match made it memorable till now. Two all time great performers had the audience with them and they even reversed their roles during the match based on the crowd reaction, that takes serious skill. The audience was eating up all the pinfall attempts, even the staredown before the match was legendary and in the end the baton was passed when Rock pinned Hogan. This made many people WWE fans.


5. The Rock vs Brock Lesnar ( SummerSlam 2002): 

This match was the perfect passing of the torch as the veteran Rock and the Next Big Thing Brock Lesnar faced off in an unbelievable match at SummerSlam for the WWE championship. It was fast paced and hart hitting and the Rock gave Brock Lesnar everything he could handle and more. This showed The Rock’s greatness that he saw a great talent and put him over in a massive way. This match is widely considered one of Brock’s best matches and it shows how great a wrestler The Rock was.

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