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Surprises that we can expect at WWE Clash at the Castle 2022

Since the time Triple H has taken control of creative in WWE the Surprises have kept on coming. Let us talk about some surprises that we can expect at WWE Clash at the Castle.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 16.08.2022
Surprises that we can expect at WWE Clash at the Castle 2022

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Since the time Triple H has taken control of creative in WWE the Surprises have kept on coming. He made a big statement at SummerSlam and has ever since a lot of surprises have happened on Raw and SmackDown as we saw the return of Karrion Kross and Scarlett on Friday which shocked the WWE fans and he was inserted into the world title feud and this Monday we saw the unique return of Dexter Lumis on Raw. At SummerSlam Triple H brought back Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky.

Before we talk about the surprises that could take place at this show its important to note that these are my guesses and in no way suggest that this will 100% happen but it might happen and it will be awesome for the fans present in the stadium watching at home. So, let’s get to the potential Surprises.

Charlotte Flair


The name of the show is Clash at the Castle and Charlotte Flair is called The Queen so there would be no better place for her to return than at her castle and rule over WWE again. She has been gone since May and she has been training since and it’s time for her to come back and I think the fans will be more accepting of her now that she has been gone for months.

Sasha Banks and Naomi

This will most likely happen at Clash at the Castle as well and now that Triple H is the boss and he loves both of these girls and they love him so there is a strong chance that they might return after the Six woman tag match to challenge Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky who will most likely win the WWE Women’s tag team titles and the fried will go crazy for both of them and they will get their redemption.

Bray Wyatt

This Is a name that has very high chances of returning at this show in the Edge vs Finn Balor match and I think Bray Wyatt has signed a deal with WWE and he wants to come back to Wrestling as well so no better place than in front of 70,000 loud fans in the UK to make your return and help Edge against the Judgment Day. It will be a great moment.

Paige and Tegan Nox

These two come as one because Tegan Nox is from Wales and she is a free agent and it will be right to bring her to this show which will be in Wales in her hometown and get the pop that she deserves. And Paige, she is the biggest star to come out of the UK for WWE and even though sje is no longer under WWE contract, she is a free agent and Triple H can bring her back to get the adulation of the 70,009 fans at the stadium.

Bret Hart

The main event from the last UK stadium show is one of the most important and greatest Matches of WWE so it will be awesome to see Bret Hart in some capacity in this show either to announce the main event or any capacity. The fans would love to see him live and thank him for his services to wrestling. It will be a great moment.

Johnny Gargano and Candice Lerae

This is the second last of the surprises and this can also happen at this show as Johnny and Candice have most probably signed WWE deals and they are just waiting for the right time to have their return. After the Miz vs AJ Styles match Miz goes mad and starts beating Ciampa and out comes Johnny Gargano to save his buddy along with Candice to beat up Maryse. It will be an incredible moment in the show.

Beth Phoenix

This is the last of my potential Surprises because it makes sense as Beth will he tired of seeing Rhea Ripley get involved in the matches of Edge and knowing Edge cannot do anything to Rhea so Beth Phoenix will return to the aid of her husband and confront Rhea Ripley and the fans will go crazy for Rhea vs Beth as it has been a dream match for Rhea as well as the fans.

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