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Top 5 Best Bayley WWE Matches

In this article, check out the top 5 best Bayley WWE Matches. Bayley is one of those wrestlers that can have matches of the highest quality against any opponent.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 18.08.2022
Top 5 Best Bayley WWE Matches

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Now that Bayley has returned to WWE and is more hungry than ever to prove herself once again it will be a good time to talk about the best Matches of Bayley so far in her WWE career and she has had a lot of great Matches already so we can make this list. Bayley is also one of the Four Horsewomen of WWE and she will be determined to have even better matches than the ones she has already had in WWE and that is a great thing for the fans.

Bayley is one of those wrestlers that can have matches of the highest quality against any opponent be it someone like Sasha Banks who is equally a great wrestler or someone like Nia Jax who is not such a great wrestler. I love watching Bayley equally as a heel and a face and that is a great quality to have because not all wrestlers can be equally good as a heel and a face. Let’s see the Top 5 Best Bayley WWE Matches so far

Bayley vs Sasha Banks – NXT Takeover Brooklyn


The best match in the career of Bayley is without a doubt the match at NXT Takeover Brooklyn against Sasha Banks and I don’t think any other match in the career of Bayley will be able to take the top spot from this match because wrestling is seldom perfect and this was perfect in every sense of the word. The build, Bayley being the crowd face, Sasha the heel and they had the match that changed women’s wrestling forever. Bayley won that match and it changed her career forever.

Bayley vs Sasha Banks – WWE Hell in a Cell 2020

Its Bayley vs Sasha Banks again on number 2 but in totally different roles as Bayley was the heel and Sasha Banks was the face and they played this dynamic perfectly. This was the Hell in a cell match where there were no fans present so the bumps hurt that much more and these 2 went out there and had an outstanding Cell match where they used innovative offence and here Sasha Banks won the match. It was one of the most brutal matches in her career.

Bayley vs Bianca Belair – WWE Hell in a Cell 2021

Bayley vs Bianca Belair inside Hell in a cell is also one of the best Matches in the career of Bayley. This was also a cell match that took place without fans but these Two stars produced an excellent match for the fans watching at home and both of them went hard at each other and hit each other with everything and Bianca Belair shined and Bayley made her a star in this match. Bayley is the perfect heel and this match proved it. This was a wrestling clinic.

Bayley vs Charlotte Flair- WWE Raw

Bayley had one of her best Matches of her career against Charlotte Flair in an episode of Raw for the Raw Women’s Championship and here Charlotte was the heel and Bayley was the face of this Feud and Bayley was the crowd favorite to win this match. Charlotte made Bayley a star in this match and Bayley got to show her wrestling skills as well and she won the match and the Raw Women’s title and it remains a fond memory for her.

Bayley vs Asuka – NXT Takeover Dallas

The last match in the list of Bayley is this classic that she had against Asuka at Dallas in 2016 and this was the last leg of the NXT career of Bayley and she was defending her NXT Women’s title against Asuka who was the dominant heel. They had an excellent wrestling match and Asuka won the match by applying the Asuka lock and Bayley passed out and she passed the torch to Asuka.

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