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CM Punk Is Back in WWE

CM Punk is back in wwe after almost 10 years. Let’s talk about the most shocking return in wrestling in years and the path for CM Punk forward.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 26.11.2023
CM Punk Is Back in WWE

It has finally happened, CM Punk has made his Return to WWE. The thing that was thought to be not possible has happened. Triple H and Nick Khan have done the impossible and Survivor Series has become the biggest show of the year. CM Punk had left WWE in 2014 and it had been almost 10 years since CM Punk was back in a WWE ring. He was in AEW for the second part of his wrestling career and things did not work out there and ever since there has been speculation as to whether CM Punk will return at Survivor Series at Chicago.

Let’s talk about the most shocking return in wrestling in years and the path for CM Punk forward

CM Punk is back in WWE

This is an absolutely surreal sentence to say and yet it is true. CM Punk has returned back to WWE and all the 17000+ fans at the Allstate Arena in Chicago got their wish and the millions of fans watching around the world were shell shocked because the rumors of his return had been debunked by reputed wrestling sources. Fans went into this show not expecting him to Return and the shock of it all made it so much better. It is Being reported that only Triple and Nick Khan knew about his return and they got to talking earlier in the day and a long term deal was signed between CM Punk and WWE. There were 2 massive Returns in the span of 15 minutes as Randy Orton also returned. 

CM Punk and Triple H had an hour long conversation where they hashed out all their previous issues and agreed to do business together for the well being of the fans. Everyone wanted CM Punk to Return to WWE and Triple H had said that if the fans wanted something really badly then he would give it to them and he delivered on his word. It is a 3 year deal but there are some WWE superstars who are not too happy with his return as Seth Rollins was angry and Drew McIntyre stormed off. These issues will be sorted out and the business will grow as a whole. 

CM Punk’s Return to WWE has garnered more than 160 thousand likes on their X post and more than 8 million people have viewed it in X. Millions of people have viewed the return in YouTube and Instagram. This is the most liked post on X for WWE in years and now the path forward for CM Punk is exciting. There are so many dream matches that he can have, first of all is Seth Rollins as there are real life issues between them. WrestleMania 40 will be the perfect stage for that match. Tickets for WWE shows and PPVs will now go through the roof as every city and every country will want to see CM Punk perform. This will generate WWE millions of dollars within days. 

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