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Who are the most impressive fighters in influencer boxing: Newcomers and founding members

Influencer boxing has become incredibly popular all over the globe during the past few years. Here we take a look at who are the most impressive fighters in influencer boxing?

Ankit Kanaujia
Last updated: 04.10.2023
Who are the most impressive fighters in influencer boxing: Newcomers and founding members

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Influencer boxing has become incredibly popular all over the globe during the past few years. Many fighters who originally made their names as successful YouTubers have appeared in the ring.

Some professional fighters have even fought under influencer promotions, rather than continue in the professional boxing scene.

The biggest promotion in the influencer boxing industry is Misfits. They boast some experienced fighters within their ranks and generally can offer the most exciting matchups. 


Misfits certainly have the leading fighters compared to rival organisations like Kingpyn, but who are their most impressive fighters who have the backing of strong combat sports records?

Dillon Danis

Dillon Danis has yet to enter the ring as a Misfits fighter, but his past achievements speak for themselves. He is a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and has trained in the craft for more than 15 years - his experience alone means he should be considered a greater fighter than the numerous YouTube stars. 

The American's first boxing fight will be against Logan Paul in which he happens to be a huge underdog. In the Logan Paul v Dillon Danis betting odds, the former is a huge 1/8 favourite. Paul is immensely popular and will likely have the majority backing of the fans in Manchester this October which could give him the edge in the Misfits event. 

There is also perhaps uncertainty around how Danis could adapt to fighting in the ring, rather than in a cage. He has fought twice in mixed martial arts under the Bellator promotion - the second-biggest mixed martial arts promotion - and he was successful in both outings. 

— Happy Punch (@HappyPunch) September 27, 2023

Danis has also gained vital experience in working with Conor McGregor in the past. He was part of the team that helped the Irishman prepare for his rematch against Nate Diaz at UFC 202. 

Paul may be fancied to win the bout against Danis, due to his superior height and prior experience against KSI at the professional level. However, Danis is an established fighter who had mastered a style of combat before Paul even began to train in boxing. 

It may take Danis some time to adapt to fighting in the ring, as he will have to move away from his dominant grappling style. Ultimately he is one of the few fighters at Misfits who are professionals within their crafts, and he is one of the leading fighters for that reason alone.


Olajide Olatunji who is more commonly known by his YouTuber title of KSI, is another leading fighter in the Misfits promotion. He differs from Danis, as he only began his fighting career prior to his back-to-back bouts against Logan Paul around five years ago.

KSI's strong striking saw him narrowly claim victory over Paul in the professional rematch which was promoted by Matchroom Boxing back in 2019. His next fight did not arrive until 2022 when the Misfits promotion burst onto the scene in August.

The promotion was launched with the internal support of KSI as the Chief Executive of the organisation. He starred in the very first event in which he won two fights in one night. It takes immense endurance and willpower to dispatch two opponents in one night. 

— MF & DAZN X Series (@MF_DAZNXSeries) September 23, 2023

KSI has maintained his 100% record since - a man who is unbeaten and has a professional win to his name simply must be considered one of the leading fighters in influencer boxing.

Misfits boast impressive fighters who have followed very different journeys up to this point. Danis has been a professional MMA fighter, while KSI was a newcomer to combat sports when influencer boxing began in 2018.

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