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Amit Panghal: First Indian Boxer to enter World Final

Amit Panghal is an Indian amateur boxer who became the first Indian boxer to enter World Boxing Championship Finals.

Pallavi Chanana
Last updated: 23.09.2019
Amit Panghal: First Indian Boxer to enter World Final | Sports Social Blog

"Don't count the days, make the days count"- MUHAMMAD ALI

Life is in a way similar to boxing, it's not how hard you can hit but rather how many times you can get hit and still get up. A champion is someone who gets up when he can't.

Boxing is said to be the loneliest and the toughest sport in the whole world, just because it is some sport that can be won by hitting the other person doesn't mean that the one who wins is someone ruthless, boxing is not about killing each other it's about keeping calm wearing the gloves on and winning the game just playing by the rules. Boxing is a sport that brings our inner rage and anger out by fighting our inner fear on the ring but its how we plan on fighting our fears that matters in a sport.

Life is like a boxing match, you don't lose when you fall, you lose when you refuse to get up. SO NEVER GIVE UP.

Champions aren't made in gyms, champions are made from something one has inside them- a desire, a dream, a vision to prove themselves. In order to prove oneself they must have the skill and the will, but the will must be stronger than the skill.

And so our country had such a person who had just the right amount of skill and will to prove that he is not less than the others, and to prove that he can make the best out of him by moving forward in the sport he chose for himself and not only making his family proud but also by making the whole nation proud.

Here we talk about AMIT PANGHAL the first Indian to enter the finals of the world boxing championship.

First, we must understand what the world boxing championship is:


The AIBA World Boxing Championship and the AIBA Women's World Boxing Championship are biennial amateur boxing competitions organised by the International Boxing Associations which is sport governing body. Alongside the Olympic boxing programme, it is the highest level of competition for the sport. The championship was first held in 1974 Havana, Cuba as a men's only championship and the first women's championship was held over 25 year's later in 2001.

the men's and the women's championships are held separately and since 2006 it's been held in alternating years. the number of weight categories was reduced by 12 to 11 in 2003 by removing the light-middleweight division (-71kg). In 2011 the category went down to 10 by removing featherweight division (-57kg). In 2019 the category fell down to 8 removing the light flyweight division (-49 kg)  and then including the featherweight division (-57kg) instead of the bantamweight (-56kg) and lightweight (-60kg).

As of 2019, the weight classes for men include:

  1. 52kg (flyweight)

  2. 57kg (featherweight)

  3. 63kg (lightweight)

  4. 69kg (welterweight)

  5. 75kg (middleweight)

  6. 81kg (light-heavyweight)

  7. 91kg (heavyweight)

  8. 91kg+ (super heavyweight)

As of 2019 the classes for women's include:

  1. 45-48kg (light-flyweight)

  2. 51kg (flyweight)

  3. 54kg (bantamweight)

  4. 57kg (featherweight)

  5. 60kg (lightweight)

  6. 64kg (light-welterweight)

  7. 69kg (welterweight)

  8. 75kg (middleweight)

  9. 81kg (light-heavyweight)

  10. 81kg+ (heavyweight)

About the extraordinary yet simple man who made the country proud:

Amit Panghal is an Indian amateur boxer. Panghal won a gold medal in his debut appearance at the national boxing championship in 2017. He won the bronze in the light flyweight category of the 2017 Asian Amateur boxing championship in Tashkent in May 2017, and qualified for the 2017 AIBA World boxing championship, where he was beaten in the quarterfinal by Hasanboy Dasmatov of Uzbekistan.

In 2018 Pamghal won the gold medal at the Strandzha cup in Sofia. He won the silver medal in the 2018 commonwealth games in the light flyweight category. In April 2019 he won a gold medal at the Asian boxing championship at Bangkok by defeating Korean boxer Kim-in-kyu.

On 11 September 2018 Panghal was nominated for Arjuna Award suggested by the boxing federation of India in views of his stellar performance in his Asian games.

In 2019 he maintained his great performance by being the only Indian to enter the world boxing championship finals but couldn't get a gold for his country but succeeded in making the nation proud and creating history by getting a silver. 

Panghal went down to Olympic champion Skakhibidin Zoirov of Uzbekistan in an intense 52kg category final.

The second-seeded Panghal became the first Indian male boxer to finish second in the world events and the country achieved its best-ever medal haul or two.

"The bout went very well for me although I had to put a little more effort than I already did. it is a huge achievement for Indian boxing and thankyou for all the support that I have got" says Panghal after the triumph, he adds "I am going to push hard for the gold".

Its the spirit of such sportspersons that make us believe that sooner or later it'll be our country's name on the top of every sports competition that held!


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