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Top 8 Highest Individual scores in ODI History | List of all 200s in ODI history

Check out here the top 8 highest individual scores in ODI history. There have been a total of 8 double Hundreds in ODI History. Have a look at list of all 200s in one day internationals.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 03.05.2022
Highest Individual scores in ODI History

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To be completely honest with all of you this is an article which I have wanted to do for a long time because it is one of my favorite topics as what these batters did in 50 overs was unheard of before 24th February 2010 when a certain Sachin Tendulkar scored the first individual double hundred in the history of ODI cricket and it was absolutely fitting that the greatest ODI player of all time gets to break the jinx. This topic always fascinated me because I think how well a batter has to bat to score 200 not in a test match but in a limited time frame of 50 overs and some of the very best have been able to do it.

There have been a total of 8 double Hundreds in ODI History by batters in 50 overs and we will talk about all 8 of them because this is really an astounding achievement and deserves the proper respect. 

So, let’s look at all the 8 double Hundreds one by one from the highest score among them to the 8th highest:


Rohit Sharma (264 vs Sri Lanka)

This is the single biggest score by a batter in the history of ODI cricket and it came from the bat of the best white ball opener in world cricket in Rohit Sharma. It was at the iconic Eden Gardens or should I say Rohit Gardens and the poor victims of this assault were Sri Lanka but they dropped him when he was 4 and it only cost them 260 more runs. It was an exhibition of batsmanship and how to pace an innings. I was spellbound by just watching the range of shots that this man had. He set the record for hitting the most fours in an innings with 33 fours which means 132 runs in just fours and 9 sixes as well meaning another 54 runs in sixes. An innings like this happens once in a lifetime.

Martin Guptill (237* vs West Indies)

There have been 8 scores of 200 or more in ODIs but not one of them is as important as this one that Martin Guptill played against West Indies in the Quarter final of the 2015 ODI World Cup and for him to produce the single greatest innings in the history of the World Cup at such a big stage says everything about him. He smashed the bowlers all over by hitting 24 fours and 11 sixes which means more than 160 runs in boundaries and he was not out from start to end and made New Zealand win that match easily will always be the most celebrated double hundred in ODIs.

Virender Sehwag (219 Runs vs West Indies)

The great Virender Sehwag was the second ever batter to hit a double hundred In ODI cricket after Sachin Tendulkar. That day he was in some mood for bashing those West Indies bowlers and he did just that and he made his double hundred wutb the help of 25 fours and 7 sixes meaning 142 runs in boundaries and he had 5 overs left when he got out of else who knows what score je would have finished at. One of the most brutal innings that I have ever witnessed.

Chris Gayle (215 Runs vs Zimbabwe)

An ODI double hundred list would have been incomplete without the Universe Boss Chris Gayle but he made sure that he got one and his innings was also in the 2015 World Cup but it was in a group match vs Zimbabwe. I watched that innings and I felt sorry for those Zimbabwe bowlers who just kept getting hit out of the ground. Chris Gayle hit 10 fours and 16 massive sixes which means 136 runs in boundaries and it was a special innings and the only West Indies batter to get an ODI double hundred. An absolute entertainer of the game.

Fakhar Zaman (210* vs Zimbabwe)

The first and only batter from Pakistan to score an ODI double hundred and this one also came vs Zimbabwe and those bowlers must be thinking why is it us that these batters have to score double hundreds against ? Fakhar Zaman was in his element in this innings and he was Ruthless while hitting 24 fours and 5 Sixes which means 126 runs in boundaries and he ran a lot as well and to remain not out in the end and then for Pakistan to win that match will always be a special memory for him.

Rohit Sharma (209 vs Australia)

Out of the 5 Double Hundreds scored by Indians this is the one that is the most celebrated one and why not as it came in a series vs Australia that was a 7 match ODI series and the final match was in Bengaluru and Rohit Sharma was a young opener and he showed that day how special he was. He destroyed the Australian bowling attack to all parts by hitting 12 fours and 16 sixes which means 144 runs in boundaries. It was the most eye pleasing innings that one could see and it won India the series by 4-3 and thus Rohit Sharma had arrived on the world stage.

Rohit Sharma (208* vs Sri Lanka)

This was the third ODI double hundred in the career of Rohit Sharma and his second vs Sri Lanka. The Sri Lankan team must be thinking what does Rohit Sharma has against us that he scores double Hundreds against us so many times. And for Rohit Sharma to hit 3 ODI double Hundreds till now is simply astonishing because a lot of players don’t have 3 200+ scores in test cricket as well and since he is in his prime I won’t be surprised that he scores one or two more by the time his career ends. Truly an incredible player he is.

Sachin Tendulkar (200* vs South Africa)

And finally we talk about the man who started it all by hitting the very first 200 in ODI cricket and he hit that 200 against probably the best bowling line-up out of all the 8 that we have talked about. Dale Steyn, Morne Morkel and the others were in prime form and the way he decimated all of them was a sight to behold. Later in his innings Sachin Tendulkar was just going and going and he hit 25 fours and 3 sixes meaning 118 runs in boundaries to become the first one and there frankly could have been no one else to break this mark.






Rohit Sharma


Sri Lanka


Martin Guptill


West Indies


Virender Sehwag


West Indies


Chris Gayle




Fakhar Zaman




Rohit Sharma




Rohit Sharma


Sri Lanka


Sachin Tendulkar


South Africa


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