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Top 10 Most Followed Sports Teams on Instagram

Here we bring the top 10 most followed Sports Teams on Instagram. Teams are now connecting to their fanbase through social media platforms. The number of followers on Instagram is a pretty good indication of big a team is.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 01.11.2023
Most Followed Sports Teams on Instagram

This is the age of social media and therefore the sports persons as well as the sports teams try to get as many followers as they can for their social media and especially the teams try to get as many new followers because they want their content and their fanbase to get bigger and the number of followers on Instagram is a pretty good indication of big a team is.

So, let’s look at the Top 10 Most Followed Sports Teams on Instagram

1) Real Madrid – 148 Million Followers

The most followed sports team on Instagram is possibly the biggest football club in the world and that is Real Madrid. They have such a big army of fans that it is crazy how big their fan base is and they are the most successful football club in history with winning 14 Champions league titles and they will win many more titles and they are getting the best players which means the Followers will increase.


2) FC Barcelona – 124 Million Followers

The second most followed Sports team on Instagram is FC Barcelona who are the biggest rivals of Real Madrid in and off the football pitch as well. FC Barcelona is one of the biggest teams in the world and some of the greatest of all time have played for them like Lionel Messi, Ronaldinho, Thiery Henry etc. FC Barcelona is not in a good place now but it will get better


3) Paris Saint Germain – 65.8 Million Followers

This is a team that has had its followers decrease in a hurry ever since Lionel Messi left the club but it is still number 3 in this list and they are giving to increase their followers by some but not by much. PSG is a very talented team and the big players will play for them in the future.


4) Manchester United – 63.1 Million Followers

At number 4 is possibly the biggest club in England and the club with one of the most loyal and the biggest fans of all time. Manchester United is a team that has been at the heart of English football for decades and the titles they have won in the past have kept their fans loyal and they hope for more titles and their followers will go up.


5) Juventus – 59.7 Million Followers

At number 5 is the biggest club in Italy and one common thing that can be seen in this list is that all the teams till now have been football clubs meaning that football is the biggest sport in the world bar none and Juventus got most of their followers when Cristiano Ronaldo joined then a few years ago and since they have had a steady rise in Followers.

6) Manchester City – 49.1 Million Followers

At number 6 are the current treble winners and they have seen a huge rise in their following and they have risen to the number 6 spot in this list and they will only go up from here and they will be a much better team


7) Liverpool FC – 43.5 Million Followers

Liverpool FC are one that have been at the top of the league for a number of years and they have won the league a number of times as well and they have players like Mohammad Salah and Jurgen Klopp and hopefully they will win the league again.

8) Chelsea FC- 41.3 Million Followers

Chelsea FC are one of those clubs that have won very few Titles but they have a very loyal fan base and a very big one at that. They won the Champions league a few years ago but their managerial issues have taken the team down. Hopefully Mauricio Pocchetino can take this team back to the top and as a result there will be new Instagram followers.


9) Bayern Munich FC – 40.6 Million Followers

At number 9 is the biggest German club in the world and it us very telling that the Top 9 in this list is only Football clubs from various countries of Europe and they will stay at the top because there is no other sport truly as global as football.


10) Golden State Warriors – 32 Million Followers

The Last team in this list is finally a team that is not a football club and this is one of the most popular teams in the NBA. The Golden State Warriors is a team that has the most fans in the world and they will win more Titles and their followers will increase.

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