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Top 5 Most Followed Football Clubs on Instagram

Football clubs command immense followings on Instagram, reflecting their global influence. Let's explore the top 5 most followed football clubs, from Real Madrid to Juventus.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 08.02.2024
Real Madrid is the most followed football club on Instagram

Football is the most popular sport in the world by a long distance and the football clubs have a massive following on Instagram and they are also the most followed Sports teams in the world but the fun part of making such lists is that one can make a Most Followed Sports Team list as well as a Most Followed Football Clubs list. Instagram followers interest everyone. And some of these football clubs have been around for more than 100 years.

So, let’s look at the Top 5 Most Followed Football Clubs on Instagram in 2024

1) Real Madrid – 152 Million

The Most Followed Football Club in the world is also the followed Sports team In the world on Instagram. Real Madrid is truly one of the all time legendary teams in football and they have won every trophy there is to win and they have won it multiple times over . They have won the Champions league 14 times which is far and away the most in history and the rest of the teams are just playing catch up.

Instagram Profile: Real Madrid


2) FC Barcelona – 125 Million

At number 2 is the arch rivals of Real Madrid and also one of the most successful teams of all time and that is FC Barcelona. They are 22 Million Followers behind Real Madrid but way ahead of the rest 3 teams that will be on this list. FC Barcelona has won 5 Champions league titles as well as 8 LA liga titles in the last 13 years. They had Lionel Messi for 20 years and his genius play contributed to more than tens of millions of followers. And very soon FC Barcelona will reach 130 Million Followers on Instagram.

Instagram Profile: FC Barcelona


3) Paris Saint Germain – 65.2 Million

At number 3 and the club that has been in the news recently for all the wrong reasons is PSG. They had more than 75 Million Followers but as soon as Lionel Messi left the club lost more than 8 million followers and now with the Kylian Mbappe saga the club will lose more followers. The club has had some of the all time best players play for them like David Beckham, Lionel Messi, Neymar etc and hopefully the team reaches 70 Million Followers on Instagram soon.

Instagram Profile: PSG


4) Manchester United – 63.3 Million

Just behind at number 4 is probably the most famous English club and arguably the club with the most fans across the world and a club that is on the rise again after a lot of bad seasons. Manchester United is an emotion for all its fans and the fans want to see the teams win and so recently under Erik Ten Hag he has bought some great players and the club will gain more Instagram followers in the next few months and may even surpass PSG for the number 3 spot and get more than 65 Million Followers on Instagram.

Instagram Profile: Manchester United 


5) Juventus FC – 60.3 Million

The number 5 most followed Football Club on Instagram is a team that might surprise a lot of fans but Cristiano Ronaldo played in this club for 3 seasons and that is the time when the Instagram followers of the club shot up in a big way because there is no denying that whichever club that Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo join it becomes one of the most followed clubs in the world and in a month the club will surpass 60 Million Followers on Instagram.

Instagram Profile: Juventus  

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