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AEW's Top 5 Most Followed Superstars on Instagram in 2024!

Discover the pulse of AEW's social scene in 2024! Our in-depth article unveils the 'Top 5 Most Followed AEW Superstars on Instagram,' offering insights into wrestling fandom's digital evolution.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 30.12.2023
Most Followed AEW Superstars on Instagram

AEW is a wrestling company that has been running for over 4 years now and they have some of the most popular Superstars who were In WWE before and now they work for them and AEW have a lot of young talented wrestlers but they are not yet among the most followed Wrestlers on Instagram because they are not as well known. As the company grows more and more the number of Superstars who will be following in the millions will increase.

Top 5 Most Followed AEW Superstars on Instagram

1) Saraya – 6.1 Million

She is far and away the most followed AEW Superstar on Instagram but it has nothing to do with her work with this company. All of her followers are from the time she was in WWE and the WWE universe loved her a lot and she was one of the most inspiring women events at such a young age. She has won multiple Championships and she has been a reality TV star for years. It is hard that net following will increase significantly in the times to come.


2) Chris Jericho – 4.3 Million

He is one of the greatest of all time and he has spent more than 20 years in WWE and he has wrestled the best of the best and the amazing thing is that he only got better with age and at 50 plus to achieve that level of wrestling is such an incredible achievement. Chris Jericho has a few years left in him and he will cross the 4.5 Million Followers mark soon. He is respected by everyone in every company.


3) Bryan Danielson – 3.4 Million

The number 3 is the superstar who is one of the best wrestlers of this generation and he cannot have a bad match and he was in WWE for over 10 years and the WWE fans loved him unlike anyone else and he won everything in WWE but he wanted new opportunities in wrestling so he went to AEW and it has been a mixed bag for him because he has had some incredible Matches but not yet able to reach the heights of his WWE run and he will always see increase in his followers as he is loved by everyone in the wrestling community.


4) Claudio Castagnoli – 2.5 Million

This AEW Superstar known as Cesaro is now in AEW since a few years but it is sad to say that he has had a good run but not a great run like he would have wanted because he has won the ROH Championship but he has not been able to win the big one in AEW and he has 2.4 Million Followers which would cross 3 Million In a few months. And he should consider returning to WWE under the leadership of Triple H.


5) Matt Hardy – 2.2 Million

Matt Hardy is the 5th most followed AEW Superstar on Instagram and the reality is that all the 5 Superstars who are on this list are ex WWE Superstars and they have got their majority of their following from WWE and Matt Hardy is one of the most legendary tag team wrestlers of all time and he has not been as successful In AEW so far and he would hope for a turnaround. And he would like to cross 2.5 Million Followers on Instagram soon.

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