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Top AEW Wrestlers 2024: Must-See Superstars Set to Shine | AEW Talent Spotlight

Get ready for an exciting year in AEW as we delve into the superstars destined to dominate in 2024. Let’s look at the AEW Superstars to watch out for in 2024.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 13.01.2024
Top AEW Wrestlers 2024

Get ready for an exciting year in AEW as we delve into the superstars destined to dominate in 2024. 

From Swerve Strickland's quest for the World Heavyweight Championship to Toni Storm's reign in the women's division, these talents are set to redefine AEW's landscape.

Key Takeaways:

  • Swerve Strickland eyes the AEW World Championship, and fans anticipate a groundbreaking moment at Wembley Stadium.

  • Toni Storm, the reigning AEW Women's Champion, aims for an unbeatable year as the face of the women's division.

  • Deonna Purazzo's recent debut promises significant contributions to the AEW women's roster, with potential plans for a championship showdown with Toni Storm.

  • FTR, the dominant tag team, looks to continue their ascent, mentoring other teams while pursuing another AEW Tag Team Championship.

  • Adam Cole, now a menacing faction leader, is poised for a championship run and seeks to establish his faction's dominance in AEW.

Question: Who are the AEW Superstars to watch out for in 2024?

Answer: In 2024, keep an eye on Swerve Strickland, vying for the AEW World Championship, Toni Storm as the unstoppable face of the women's division, Deonna Purazzo's impactful debut, FTR's continued tag team excellence, and Adam Cole's menacing faction aiming for AEW dominance.

Let’s look at the AEW Superstars to watch out for in 2024 

Swerve Strickland

There is no one more ready than Swerve Strickland to make 2024 as his year in wrestling. He has been one of the best jumps from WWE to AEW and he has been their best wrestler and all the fans want to see him compete for the World Heavyweight Championship in 2024. He has been having bangers and at Wembley stadium is when he should dethrone Samoa Joe for the AEW World Championship. AEW and Tony Khan should not fumble Swerve Strickland this year.

Toni Storm

Toni Storm is someone who had a great 2023 but this year could be the defining year of her career. She has won the AEW Women’s Championship and she should hold that title for the majority of the year and she should be an unbeatable champion. She is the face of the women’s division and recently Tony Khan has done a nuch better job with the women and hopefully it gets better in 2024 with Toni Storm leading it. 

Deonna Purrazzo

She is the latest AEW superstar and she debuted in the most recent episode of Dynamite. She is a fantastic signing for AEW and the women’s division. She is someone who is a fantastic wrestler and she is well respected around the world. Deonna Purrazzo will do great things for the company and Tony Khan must have big plans for her. She should be featured prominently in the show throughout the year and she should beat Toni Storm for the championship. 


The tag team to Watch Out for yet again in 2024 is FTR who are the best tag team in the world. They are the team that has taken AEW to new heights and they keep having bangers and they have Also signed a long term deal with the company. FTR, which has Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler, can mentor the other teams as well. They will look to win the AEW Tag Team Championships yet again in 2024

Adam Cole

Adam Cole is another AEW Superstar to watch out for in 2024. He has recently revealed himself as the Devil and he has a faction with Roderick Strong, Wardlow. He has cemented himself as one of the top heels in the company and he is sure to have a big year and he could finally win the AEW World Championship and he can help the other members of his faction get titles as well and rule AEW. 

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