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Top 5 Best AEW Wrestlers 2023

In this article, let’s take a look at the top 5 best wrestlers of AEW 2023. AEW has also become a place where the best Wrestlers are made and these will be the ones that will take the company forward in 2024.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 18.12.2023
Top 5 Best AEW Wrestlers 2023

AEW has also had a mixed year in 2023. They have seen a lot of highs and a lot of lows and have not been as consistent as WWE this year. This year there have been a few Wrestlers who have stood out for the company and among these are some experienced and a few new wrestlers. AEW has also become a place where the best Wrestlers are made and these will be the ones that will take the company forward in 2024. They had their biggest success with All In in August where they had more than 81,000 fans attend that show. 

Let’s look at the Top 5 Best AEW Wrestlers 2023 

1) Christian Cage

There is no doubt that Christian Cage has been the best AEW wrestler 2023. He has been in a league on his own. He has been a great heel and one of the best in all of Wrestling. Christian Cage has been a superstar that has been the standard for all the wrestlers in the company. He has been the TNT Champion for a long time. He has also made a faction with Luchasaurus and he has had incredible matches throughout the year. Earlier this year, Tony Khan re-signed Christian Cage to a long term contract and he will be the best thing in AEW for years to come. And now with Adam Copeland in AEW, he will only get better.

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2) MJF

The AEW World Champion has been the second best AEW wrestler 2023. He has been the AEW World Champion for the full year and he has had some of the best matches and storylines this year. He has had bangers against CM Punk, Samoa Joe, Adam Cole, Kenny Omega, Bryan Danielson and many others. MJF was a heel at the start of the year and then gradually in his story with Adam Cole he has become a face and the fans love him. He is in his early 20s and he will be a mainstay for AEW for many years to come. He still not lose that AEW World Championship easily.

3) Toni Storm

The best women’s wrestler in AEW has to be Toni Storm. There is no other woman who is close to her in terms of character and wrestling. She is ime of those few ex WWE superstars who went to AEW and has seen more success with the second company. Toni Storm has recently won the AEW Women’s World Championship and she should be the champion for a long period of time. She is the standard for all the other women in AEW. However the women’s division in AEW is inferior compared to NXT as well. 

4) Bryan Danielson

This list would not be complete without the incomparable Bryan Danielson. He has become the leader for AEW in the years he has been with the company. He is genuinely one of the best Wrestlers of this generation and 2023 has been one of his best years ever. He has had some of his best matches including the ones with MJF, Kenny Omega, Kazuchika Okada, Adam Cole and so many others. He is also a mentor to the younger wrestlers there. He has said that 2024 will be his last year as a Full time Wrestler and he would want to have the best final year.

5) FTR

The best tag team in the world along with The Usos had to be in this list because they have been one of the absolute best things about the company all year. They have elevated the tag team division single handedly and they have also been the tag team champions for most of the year. Their matches against The Young Bucks were some of the best of this year and they also had bangers against The Lucha Bros, MJF and Adam Cole, The Aussie Open etc. FTR will be in AEW sir for a long time and they would want to have a barn burner by 2024. Tag team wrestling is one of the strongest points about AEW.

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