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Top 5 Dream Matches for Mercedes Mone in AEW

In this article, we take a look at the top 5 dream matches for Mercedes Mone in AEW. It has been confirmed that Mercedes Mone will arrive in AEW on the 13th of March in her home town of Boston MA.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 22.02.2024
Top 5 Dream Matches for Mercedes Mone in AEW

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It has been confirmed that Mercedes Mone will arrive in AEW on the 13th of March in her home town of Boston MA. The show will be held at the TD Garden and thousands of fans will attend the show. The show will be called AEW Big Business and Tony Khan is going all out to make her debut memorable. The women’s division in AEW is getting better and there are a lot of Matches that she could have.

Let’s look at the Top 5 Dream Matches that Mercedes Mone can have in AEW

1) Toni Storm


The number 1 Match that Mercedes Mone can have at this point in AEW is against Toni Storm. Toni Storm has been the best women’s wrestler in AEW for a number of months and she is the champion. Mercedes Mone will immediately add to the star power of the division and a match between her and Toni Storm will draw the crowd and be a money maker. Toni Storm will be with AEW for years to come and Mercedes Mone and her should have a match at All In at Wembley Stadium.

2) Deonna Purazzo

Deonna Purazzo is also a woman who will be truly an incredible match. Deonna Purazzo is one of the best women’s wrestlers in the world and she is also a new signing to AEW. Mercedes Mone vs Deonna Purazzo will headline a big PPV for AEW and she will make Deonna Purazzo a bigger star for the company. Tony Khan has to build a big match with a compelling story that would make the fans care. This match can happen after Mercedes Mone vs Toni Storm.

3) Britt Baker

One of the longest women’s tenured wrestlers for AEW is none other than Britt Baker. Britt Baker is one of the biggest women’s stars for AEW and has been for a long time. She has had some incredible matches and she can cut a great promo against anybody. Mercedes Mone is also a great promo in the ring. This can be one of her first matches that she can have in the ring and this will be a test for both the women.

4) Jamie Hayter

Jamie Hayter is one of the youngest women in the AEW roster. She has been with the company for a number of years and has shown remarkable improvement each time she gets in the ring. Mercedes Mone can help Jamie Hayter get to the next level and she can help the young wrestler get a big match on a big stage and then both women will be able to have a truly incredible wrestling match. Mercedes Mone can have a 4 star match with a broomstick.

5) Kris Statlander

Another one of the very promising young female wrestlers in AEW is Kris Statlander. She has been the TBS Champion and she has had truly amazing matches against everyone she has wrestled against. The only issue for the fans is that she should get longer matches and this is where Mercedes Mone will help her get a 20+ minute match and then Kris Statlander will totally show what she is truly made of. Mercedes Mone will be a game changing signing for AEW.

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