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Booking of Tony Khan in AEW so far

Let’s talk about the booking of Tony Khan in AEW and look at each division and see where he was done well and where he needs to do better.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 23.09.2023
booking of Tony Khan in AEW

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It has been 4 years since Tony Khan has been the creative head of AEW and the company has had a good time to establish itself to the general public and 4 years is also a great time to judge how Tony Khan has done as the boss of AEW. AEW was formed as a wrestling promotion in 2019 as an alternative to WWE and at the start all the fans supported because everyone was anti Vince McMahon and how he was running WWE. Tony Khan took advantage of it. However last year as Triple H took control of WWE creative the narrative of Tony Khan was no longer valid.

Let’s talk about the booking of Tony Khan in AEW and look at each division and see where he was done well and where he needs to do better

Women’s Division

This is the one area that has been the biggest weakness of Tony Khan as a booker in AEW. He hasn’t been able to crack the booking of the women’s division and Tony Khan is partly to blame. He has not given the women similar opportunities as the men in his company. The likes of Thunder Rosa, Big Swole and others have left the company or are not being used at all. Their biggest stars are ex WWE wrestlers like Toni Storm, Sararya, Britt Baker etc. The only women’s star that has been made in AEW are Jade Cahill and Jamie Hayter. He needs to step up his women’s booking to the level of Shawn Michaels in NXT. There are so many talented women in NXT and everyone has a character.


Tag Team Division

This has been a strong suit in the booking of Tony Khan in AEW. He has focused on the tag team division a great deal and as a result it has one of the best tag team divisions in the world. They have the likes of The Young Bucks, FTR, The Elite, Undisputed Era, Lucha Bros and others. Tony Khan has made the AEW World Tag Team Titles one of the most prestigious Titles in the company and that has been made possible due to the tag team Matches like FTR vs The Young Bucks which will have their 3rd match at AEW All In in front of more than 80,009 fans. Tony Khan needs to bring in more tag teams because soon enough the fans will get bored seeing the same matches over and over again.

Men’s Division

The Men’s Division is also one of the strongest points of Tony Khan as a booker because he has the grasp of what to do with the Men’s Division and that has never been the problem with AEW. They had the likes of Chris Jericho, MJF, Cody Rhodes, Kenny Omega from the start and thus they were able to build a division and then Jon Moxley, Adam Cole, Bryan Danielson, Keith Lee z Orange Cassidy, Darby Allen, Sting, Rusev everyone came to AEW. They have had AEW World Champions such as Chris Jericho, Jon Moxley, MJF and they have added prestige to the AEW World Championship. Then there is the TNT Championship which had champions like Cody Rhodes, Brodie Lee etc. They have also created lot of home grown talent and that is the thing that Will take AEW to the next decade.

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