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5 Young AEW Superstars to Watch Out for in the future

AEW is a big promotion and is the main competition for WWE and has been going great for the past few years. Here we take a look at the 5 young AEW superstars to watch out for in the future.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 17.08.2023
5 Young AEW Superstars to Watch Out for in the future

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AEW is a big promotion and is the main competition for WWE and has been going great for the past few years and they have a number of young Wrestlers who will go on to become great in the future and some on this list will become one of the best of all time. They have a stacked men’s and women’s rosters and this is a sign of a well functioning wrestling company with years of future in their stock who will take the company forward.

So, let’s see the 5 Young AEW Superstars to Watch Out For in the future:

1) MJF


It will look like MJF is so old and experienced because of how great he is already but very few people know that he is not more than 26 years old which means he has 15 years of wrestling left in him and when his deal comes up in 2024, it looks like he will renew with AEW and he will be their face for years to come and MJF is an all rounder meaning he is the best promo in the company and he is also one of the best wrestlers in the world. If he can keep up performing like this then he will become one of the best of all time.

2) Toni Storm

Toni Storm is the AEW Women’s Champion and she just like MJF is in her early 20s and she is so good that the fans think the she must be in her 30s. Toni Storm has finally found her groove in the company and she is the star of the women’s division and she will be a huge star for them and she will stay there for years because AEW gave her a chance to shine and become the champion which the WWE did not give her so she will reward the company for their trust in her. The ceiling for her is limitless and Toni Storm will be one of the best women’s wrestlers of all time in the decades to come.

3) Ricky Starks

The most promising young wrestler who is not a champion is Ricky Starks and he is one of those wrestlers whom everybody loves and he is only a few months away from becoming a champion and Ricky Starks has delivered consistently for AEaw and he is extremely good on the microphone and he can wrestle a great and a long match and his time is set to come and he will challenge Orange Cassidy for the International Championship.

4) Darby Allen

Darby Allen has been one of the most fortunate AEW wrestlers because for the last few years he has been learning from one of the best ever in Sting and he has become the mysterious dark character in AEW and the fans love to see him and he does not say much but when he does it jeags something and so he will take the place that Sting has in the company now and he will soon challenge MJF for the AEW World Championship. Darby Allen has a bright future in AEW and Tony Khan likes him a lot and he is not afraid to take bumps and have a great match either.

5) Julia Hart

She is the youngest AEW wrestler in the Roster and she is just 21 years old and in the short time she has been there she has impressed everyone in the company and for only 21 years old she has such a bright future in AEW and if she stays there then she will be the women’s champion in no time and WWE is also interested in her and they would try to sign her when her deal expires because she has a great future anywhere she decides to go to.

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