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Top 5 Most Followed NXT Superstars on Instagram

In the world of NXT, Instagram popularity reflects wrestling prowess. Explore the top 5 most followed NXT Superstars and their journeys.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 08.02.2024
Most Followed NXT Superstars on Instagram

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Key Takeaway: 

Discover the top 5 most followed NXT Superstars on Instagram, highlighting their journeys, popularity, and the growing influence of women in NXT.

  1. Lola Vice – 1M

  2. Nikkita Lyons – 999K

  3. Cora Jade – 491K

  4. Ava Raine – 484K

  5. Gigi Dolin – 477K

Women dominate this list, showcasing their prowess and fan appeal, indicating the evolving landscape of NXT.


The NXT Superstars are also some of the most followed Wrestlers on Instagram and some of them have more followers than the main AEW Superstars and that is saying a lot because NXT is the 3rd brand of NXT and they have been doing a great job over the past 2 years to once again by the show where excellent Wrestling takes place on a regular basis. The following of all the NXT Superstars will grow more as they go to the main roster.

So, let’s look at the Top 5 Most Followed NXT Superstars on Instagram and see what makes them special

1) Lola Vice – 1M

Lola Vice
Lola Vice

The most followed NXT Superstar is Lola Vice also known as Valerie Loureda and was famous before she got to WWE. She was in the UFC where she got most of her popularity and then she was signed by WWE and now she is having matches on NXT and is getting better each and every week and she will one day become the NXT Women’s Champion. And in a few weeks she will reach the coveted 1 Million Followers mark on Instagram.

Instagram Profile: Lola Vice


2) Nikkita Lyons – 999K

Nikkita Lyons
Nikkita Lyons

The second most followed NXT Superstar on Instagram is also one of the most talented women in NXT. She is different than all the other women because she is extremely athletic and she has a presence but unfortunately she has been injured for a long time and this is the reason that her followers on Instagram have not risen like they used to but when she comes back and starts wrestling again week to week then she will also reach the 1 Million Followers mark very soon.

Instagram Profile: Nikkita Lyons

3) Cora Jade – 491K

Cora Jade
Cora Jade

At number 3 is one of the most impressive wines in NXT and someone who has been one of the main faces of the new era of NXT. Cora Jade was a face first but when she became a heel that is when her real self came out and she got so much better at promos as well as in the ring having Quality Matches and as her followers on Instagram have also risen. Cora Jade will cross 500 Thousand Followers on Instagram in a few months.

Instagram Profile: Cora Jade 

4) Ava Raine – 484K

Ava Raine
Ava Raine

At number 4 is a NXT Superstar that is one of the most known because her father is one of the greatest of all time The Rock. She has always had pressure to perform in NXT and more eyes would be on her because the WWE fans want to see how much she has improved over the years and with Schism she has found her groove and in the next month she will reach 500 Thousand Followers on Instagram and her steady rise will continue.

Instagram Profile: Ava Raine

5) Gigi Dolin – 477K

Gigi Dolin
Gigi Dolin

At number 5 is a woman that has been in NXT for years and she was a part of the most dominant group Toxic Attraction in NXT and that is where she got most of her followers and even now she is a face and all the fans love her. Her wrestling can get better but she still has time and she will get more followers because she is popular and once she gets to the main roster she will cross that 1 million followers mark by the end of this year.

Instagram Profile: Gigi Dolin


The amazing thing about this list is that all the Top 5 Most Followed NXT Superstars on Instagram are women and this shows that women rule in NXT and they are given a lot of opportunities to shine and that shows in Instagram. The guys will have to play catch up.

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