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Best F1 games | Best Formula 1 racing games in history

A look at the best F1 games in history all time. The best racing games in history along with the on-field action, These games have defined the F1 legacy, and are now regarded as cult classics.

Abhranil Roy
Last updated: 24.05.2021
Best F1 games | Sports Social Blog

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The best racing games in history Along with the on-field action, Formula One has always delivered quality e-sports action. In this article, we are taking a look at the best F1 games ever, and although they're unlikely to get close to the mighty Codemasters F1 franchise for graphical prowess. These games have defined the F1 legacy, and are now regarded as cult classics.

5. F1 Race Stars: 

The drivers and cars may be recognisable (though 'super-deformed' with big heads and cartoon-slanted wheels), but the tracks are only loosely based on reality, with some recognisable corners that then skew upwards into the sky, with rollercoaster sections of excitement.


4. F1: 

Domark's 16-bit racer remains one of the fastest video games ever made, particularly in 'Turbo Mode', which uses the graphics from the two-player mode in a single-player set-up. The scenery absolutely flies by at these speeds, with a little 'whoosh' noise every time you pass under a flyover.It's got the official drivers of 1993 too, barring Ayrton Senna who must have still been under license with Sega at the time

3. Nigell Mansell’s Grand Prix:

Nigel Mansell's Grand Prix was made in 1988, but remains one of the best F1 sims of all time. You have to qualify within a certain time or you'll never see a real race. You've got to keep the revs within the power band to keep fuel consumption down and explaining instantly why I've always played racers on manual gears. You have to learn to change gear or you won't ever leave the pit lane.

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2. Formula One, Championship Edition:

Studio Liverpool's first - and last - PS3 F1 game is still beautiful. Running at 60 frames per second, it's only the 720p resolution that really betrays its last-gen status. But it's arguably more involved than Codemasters' subsequent take on the sport, thanks to QTE pit stops (way better than that sounds), parade laps to warm up your tyres, and commentary over the race action.

1. F1 2013:

F1 2013 has classic content featuring vintage cars, circuits and even drivers. The 1988 season is best represented (although sadly lacking the stars of that year the McLaren Honda's), but there's 1990s content too, offered as DLC or with the special edition of the game. And that's got Nigel Mansell's FW14B. 

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