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Fantasy Premier League GW 14: Top 5 Picks

Gameweek 14 is around the corner. For our Fantasy Premier League players, Here are our predictions and tips on the top 5 FPL picks for Gameweek 14 of the Premier League.

Last updated: 18.12.2020
Fantasy Premier League 2020-21 Gameweek 14 | Sports Social Blog

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With games taking place even in the midweek, these next set of games are going to be tricky as the actual managers look for ways to manage player fatigue, while the other group of managers will look to capitalize on those rotations.  FPL managers have to think more strategically than usual so they can capitalize on the changes, both in terms of rotations and player form in order to reap some decent rewards. 

Here are some of the best picks for GW 14:

#1. Matt Ryan( GK; Brighton)


Matt Ryan has been performing well and is going for only 4.4. Couple that with the fact that he is going to be up against the completely out-of-form Sheffield, and he could be a great buy for the week. He currently has 25 points, but this could be a great week for the Brighton Keeper. A clean sheet is highly likely. 

#2. Danny Ings( FWD; Southampton)

Danny Ings is up against a Manchester City that is severely underperforming this season. At the end of the day it is still Manchester City so victory on Southampton’s part will be nothing short of an upset. That being said, Southampton, given the form they are in could put a few dents in that expensive armour and the one leading the charge would be Danny Ings. He has had 9 goal contributions so far and is proving to be a force with…..

#3. Che Adams( FWD; Southampton)

He is playing just as well, currently sitting at a nice 65 points. He goes for only 6.0 and has had 9 goal contributions as well. He has the same match against Manchester City but then again, he and Danny Ings won’t take any penalty from a conceded goal. Great value for money not only for a few gameweeks but possibly for the entire season.

#4. Callum Wilson( FWD; Newcastle United)

Wilson has been quite the force in the Premier League. He is one of the top scoring forwards in terms of points for the Fantasy Premier League. Wilson has had a staggering 11 goal contributions so far. Couple that with the fact that he’s only going for 6.6 and it’s clear just how much of a steal he is. Lastly, he is up against the poorly performing Fulham so it’s highly likely that he will get on that scoreboard and rack up some points.

#5. Dominic Calvert-Lewin( FWD; Everton)

The Everton striker goes for 7.9 million and he is worth every bit of that amount. He is one of the top scorers in the league with 14 goal contributions. He will take no penalty from conceding goals as well. He is up against Arsenal. The once proud North London club does not look healthy this season , sitting at 15th place. There’s a good chance Dominic Calvert Lewin will wreak havoc in the upcoming game.

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