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Manchester United scripted the historic champions league comeback after going down 2-0 in the first leg

Manchester United managed to emerge as the winners by scoring three goals in the second leg. Now let's take a look at 5 things about match

Last updated: 07.03.2019
Manchester Utd. vs Paris Saint Germain Champions League Second Leg | Sports Social Blog

With a two-goal deficit, Man Utd had to give everything to secure a victory over their fierce rivals Paris Saint Germain. Manchester United managed to emerge as the winners by scoring three goals in the second leg. Now let's take a look at 5 things one can get after watching this second leg of Champions League fixture.   

High-Pressure Game

Both of the teams were on their toes when it came to attacking. The defence of both sides were put under a lot of pressure early in the game. The movement of the ball was quite quick and the due to high pressure attacking and a few defensive errors both the teams ended up conceding a goal each early in the game.

PSG Sluggish Defence

Paris Saint Germain were too casual in defence and two major defensive errors by the goalkeeper when Buffon failed to punch away or catch the ball and a poor pass to the centre defence proved out to be too costly when Lukaku capitalised on both the chances. And the winner also for Manchester scored by Rashford came through a penalty by a handball. They could actually have avoided all three goals by performing their defensive duties properly.

Calm and composed side - PSG

PSG shared the majority of ball possession throughout the game. Manchester United were rushing a lot at times and losing the ball whereas PSG were more calm and composed. Paris Saint Germain had a lot of ball possession in the midfield and changed wings often. This helped them create more chances but they succeeded in converting only one of them.

Counter-attacking - Manchester United

Manchester United came out with perfect tactics against the high pressing opponents. Manchester United created a few chances in the match but the forwards failed to get those through balls. They had more of the sort of a free-flowing formation this helped them at times in midfield to regain possession.

VAR Decision- Penalty awarded to Manchester Utd.

This was the most controversial decision taken by the referee when he decided to award Manchester United a penalty during dying minutes of the game. The experts didn't quite agree with the decision as Kipembe was too close to the when the shot was taken and it wasn't intentional for sure.

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