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Ferrari Engine 2023 | What Engine is F1 Ferrari using in 2023?

In this article, check out what engine is F1 Ferrari using in 2023? In F1, Ferrari has always utilized its own engines, as opposed to some of its competitors, who have relied on external suppliers.

Last updated: 21.10.2023
Ferrari Engine 2023 What Engine is F1 Ferrari using in 2023

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Ferrari is one of Formula One's most recognizable and famous teams, having won 16 constructors' and 15 drivers' championships since 1950. The team is also the most experienced and successful in Formula One, having raced in every season of the world championship. But, in 2023, what engine will Ferrari utilize, and how will it affect its performance?


Ferrari’s engine history



Enzo Ferrari, a former racing driver and engineer with a love for constructing strong and attractive automobiles, established Ferrari, which has long been linked with engines. In F1, Ferrari has always utilized its own engines, as opposed to some of its competitors, who have relied on external suppliers. Over the years, Ferrari has also supplied engines to other teams like Alfa Romeo, Haas, and Sauber.


Ferrari engines have been at the heart of some of F1's most famous moments and accomplishments, including the dominant V12 period of the 1950s and 1960s, the turbocharged V6 era of the 1980s, the V10 era of the late 1990s and early 2000s, and the hybrid era of the 2010s. Ferrari engines have powered some of Formula One's finest drivers, including Juan Manuel Fangio, Niki Lauda, Michael Schumacher, and Sebastian Vettel.


Ferrari's most recent engine triumph came in 2008 when it earned its 16th constructors' title and eighth engine manufacturers' crown. with then, the team has struggled to match the speed and dependability of Mercedes and Red Bull, particularly with the advent of the hybrid era in 2014. Ferrari's engine performance plummeted in 2020, as they experienced a considerable loss in power following a deal with the FIA over their contentious engine in 2019.

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Ferrari’s engine future


Despite rumors of a transition to Renault or Honda engines, Ferrari has reaffirmed that they would continue to utilize their own engines in 2023. The team has made significant investments in researching and enhancing its hybrid engine, which has shown indications of revival as of 2022. The team has also inked a new Concorde Agreement with F1 that will keep them in the sport until at least 2025.


Ferrari's engine future appears to be bright, as they will use a revised version of their hybrid engine that improves performance in 2022. Ferrari will make some technical tweaks to the engine to comply with the new restrictions and shorten the gap with their competitors. The team will also benefit from engine supply consistency and continuity, as well as tight contact with client teams Alfa Romeo and Haas.


Ferrari's engine prospects for the future appear promising as well, with the company announcing intentions to construct a new power unit for the next generation of hybrid rules, which are set to go into effect in 2026. The new power unit will be more environmentally friendly and efficient than the existing one, and it will run on synthetic or e-fuels rather than fossil fuels. Ferrari has declared that it wishes to lead the way in F1 in terms of innovation and technology, as well as contributing to the sport's environmental aims.

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