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Is Lewis Hamilton the greatest racer of all time?

Lewis Hamilton is known to break records for fun, after his stunning victory in the Eifel Grand Prix - Michal Schumacher’s record of 91 race wins. Is he the greatest racer of all time?

Abhranil Roy
Last updated: 13.10.2020
Is Lewis Hamilton the greatest racer of all time | Sports Social Blog

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Lewis Hamilton is known to break records for fun but the one he equaled after his stunning victory in the Eifel Grand Prix was one no one thought would be touched anytime soon – Michal Schumacher’s record of 91 race wins. However, the Brit has matched the German legend’s tally, and with him looking set to perform for a few more years at least, it is likely that he will have over a 100 wins under his belt.


Speaking to the media after his win, Hamilton said, ““There's a lot of talk in all sports about greatest, past and present, and I think it's almost impossible to compare. There's all this talk of who is and who is not and it's not important to me. What's important is the's what we've done along the way, the obstacles you've faced. And everyone's got a different journey”.



Interestingly, Hamilton is also the most successful British racer of all time, with 6 titles to his name and heading steadily for his 7th. He is currently 69 points clear at the top of the driver’s championship table. With just six rounds of the current calendar remaining, which had to be delayed and shortened due to the pandemic, his lead already looks unassailable.


In a beautiful gesture, Hamilton was presented with one of Schumacher's helmets by the German's son Mick after the victory at the Nuerburgring, with the youngster offering the family's congratulations. Having averaged 10 wins a season since 2014 and with Mercedes seemingly country miles ahead of the pack in terms of the car and the engine, there is little doubt he will be adding several more feathers to his cap in the coming future.


However, Hamilton is not just a champion athlete but also an athlete who champions many causes. He is the sports’ only black racer at the most elite level, and has repeatedly spoken up on social issues like #BlackLivesMatter and police brutality. He has also been utterly respectful of iconic racers like Jackie Stewart who have been unwilling to accept his superiority, stating that modern racers have more races and better gear to drive. To this, Hamilton said,” “Maybe one day they'll get over it. I have so much respect for the past legends, even those that do continue to talk negatively about me all the time. I still hold them in high regard because I know it was a different time in history. It was incredibly tough for them.”


And that is exactly what makes Hamilton so great – his presence goes beyond the sports and he is a cultural icon- one that the world dearly needs right now. And that’s what makes him the greatest.


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