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Are BCAA actually required?

BCAA is majorly considered by athletes who are involved in a day to a daily fitness regime. Here are the few positives of indulging the intake of BCAA which would eventually help in to make a choice for its consumption.

Last updated: 20.05.2019
BCAA role in health | Sports Social Blog

One of the Uncommon product to the masses where in the world of Supplementation is concerned. This product is rarely recommended to common people who are just looking around to gain weight due to health reasons or someone who is just looking around to build up or fill up the required energy sources.

BCAA is majorly considered by athletes who are involved in a day to a daily fitness regime, is serious about the fitness levels considering the requirements.

In supplementation background, protein either be Natural or Artificial sources, stands tall in the market. But in reality, a very little of them know that proteins are made up of a variety of Amino Acids.

Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) consists of 3 Amino Acids – Leucine, Iso-Leucine and Valine.

Amino Acids are considered to be the building blocks of our body. Without the presence of Amino Acids an individual would be a rubber band muscled and would look like a walking stick.

Amino Acids are unique overall and the mechanism of how the Amino Acids fuel up the body for its recovery especially when it comes to fitness. To explain in short – BCAA fuel up the Skeletal Muscles i.e. the muscles which are voluntarily involved during the exercises, thereby pushing the athletes to their limits and get the desired results

When the intake of BCAA is involved, it should be at a specific time i.e. before or during the exercise to maximize the effects of BCAA. However an individual won’t get instant results after consumption of BCAA, it requires consistent intake which could eventually depend on the type of exercise an individual would carry out.  Here are the few positives of indulging the intake of BCAA’s which would eventually help in to make a choice for its consumption.

  1. Increases Endurance

  • It creates a direct impact on how the body uses the primary sources of energy i.e. Carbohydrates & Fats.

  • Athletes who carry out events like short sprints and the activities that involve or requires a short burst of energy usually experience Glycogen depletion. This eventually leads to exhaustion and energy depletion.

  • This is usually taken care by the BCAA’s which helps in muscle recovery and helps in to store energy for this use.f

  1. Reduces Fatigue.

  • Fatigue is directly related to Mind and Muscles.

  • The occurrence of Fatigue is usually seen due to prolonged workouts which require an adequate amount of recovery phase in order to make it up the next day for the same amount of exercise.

  • Fatigue usually happens due to a relationship between low BCAA and Tryptophan. When amino acid levels drop in our body, our body releases more tryptophan which leads to the formation of serotonin in the brain and which leads to a feeling of tiredness.

  • Hence BCAA helps in to improve us from that condition.

  1. Improve Insulin Levels and Helps in Diabetes Control.

  • BCAA’s are used as a solution for muscle loss during aging, treatment of liver diseases etc. It also has an anti – ageing because they form power generators in the muscles i.e. it promotes the formation of mitochondrion which is basically the powerhouse of the cells.

  • It is known that the diabetics have an imbalanced BCAA metabolism and having an intake of BCAA will promote the formation of insulin.

  • However it is not always recommended or promoted, the doctors usually tell the diabetics to maintain optimum body composition via regular exercises and diet plans suggested by them.

  1. Increased Mental Focus.

  • It has a direct effect on short term memory and processing abilities.

  • This helps during various sports events or competitions that last for long hours which usually BCAA can be of good help.

  1. Increases Muscle Growth.

  • Out of the 3 amino acids present in BCAA – Leucine is the one which promotes muscle protein synthesis after exercises.

  • A recommended intake of 5 – 6 grams of BCAA pre or during a workout promotes almost 25% increase in muscle protein synthesis as compared to the ones who just drink in water or other normal drinks during an exercise.

  1. Source of Strength for Vegans.

  • It is a myth that the Vegans are weak and could not be athletic and fit due to limited intake of food and food products.

  • It is also a misconception that only animal products are only sources of protein and other elements.

  • As mentioned, proteins are made up of amino acids which are also present in the plant sources, which include the 3 amino acids in BCAA’s  but in limited concentrations,

  • To make up for these sources, vegans can opt for BCAA rich foods or BCAA rich synthetic supplements.


  1. Improves Fat Loss.

  • An individual who is attempting for a fat loss or a weight loss would be going on a fat loss diet which would usually be low on carbohydrates.

  • Here BCAA acts as a source of energy to our body and accordingly make a switch depending on the requirements of our body during any physical activity carried out during the day.

  • Along with a strict exercise and diet, our body needs necessary supplementation to cover up the desired nutrients which are lost out due to a diet which is restricted for most of the day.

  • Leucine stimulates the fat cells which therefore releases energy from the stored fats.

Things to consider before buying a BCAA supplement.

  1. Proper Dosage Ratio.

  • A recommended ratio of 2:1:1 i.e. 50% Leucine, 25% Isoleucine and 25% Valine is considered as the optimum ratio.

  • Also, a 6 – 7 grams of BCAA in the above ratio is considered ideal.

  1. Plant-based fermented BCAA’s

  1. All Natural without the addition of Artificial Components.

  • Although BCAA tastes sour/ tasteless, it is recommended to take it raw.

  • However if an individual likes it flavoured, it should be made sure that the flavours which are used are all natural and not artificial.

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