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Habit Based Nutrition- Eat Vegetables with Each Feeding

The habit-based nutrition is based on 5 parameters which are usually known as 'Five Habits'. The 4th Habit is- ' Eat Vegetables with Each Feeding'. 

Last updated: 25.07.2019
Habit Based Nutrition- Eat Vegetables with Each Feeding | Sports Social Blog

In the earlier 3 blogs of habit-based nutrition, we have covered up the below-mentioned habits.

  1. Eat every 2-4 hours

  2. Eat complete lean protein per meal

  3. Eat healthy fats daily

As mentioned earlier, about the International Sports Science Association – ISSA, Habit Based Nutrition is divided into 5 habits, out of which 3 I have already posted which you can check it out on the website

Out of these the 4th Habit to be discussed is ‘Eat Vegetables with each feeding’

Most of the Individuals skip on the Healthy Veggies and food which is termed as ‘Boring’ thinking that, there is always a replacement for the Vegetables. We have been hearing since our childhood that eat the greens, which could be beneficial for the overall functioning of our body and keeps us fit. However, when it is scientifically seen, the micronutrients i.e. vitamins and minerals which are seen in the veggies and the healthy chemicals present in plants which are known as the phytochemicals are required for our regular body functioning.

Keeping a notion of meat and eggs as a source of protein and neglecting the plant source protein creates a lot of deficiencies which could have a direct effect on the body. Most of the symptoms are seen through skin allergies.

Vegetables usually provide an alkaline load to the blood which is directly related to the strengthening the bones and the muscles. The analysis is seen that the individuals who consume a good amount of vegetables are less likely to have any cardiovascular issues. Green veggies like the lettuce, spinach, broccoli, cabbage, sprouts are the who which support the cardiovascular functioning.

It is recommended that the individual should include 

1. 1 bowl of veggies per meal which would include the normal sabzi depending on the individual’s requirements.

2. The total number of meals = inclusion of 1 bowl of veggies/bowl of chopped fruits.

However, it is difficult at an early stage to eat veggies at every meal, but to start, an individual should eat 1 bowl of veggies at least in the lunch and dinner.

Here are a few examples of veggies which cure a lot of ailments:

1.   Green Vegetables – Spinach, Broccoli helps to cope up with the age-related diseases.

2.   White Foods – cauliflower helps in to protect oneself from cancer.

3.   Red foods – tomato and watermelon help to cure prostate cancer and heart diseases.

One thing should be taken care that the fruits and vegetables should be related per season where season-wise fruits and vegetables should be recommended as they are fresh and not preserved for longer duration and hence the effective results are seen.

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